Project #4961 - should carolina panthers make the city or charlotte citzens pay extra sales tax to kee

argue the point that charlotte tax payers should not pay to keep the team.

2-3 pages


As you write this week, keep in mind the key features described in the Arguing a 

Position section of the Norton Field Guide:

? Clear and arguable position

? Necessary background information

? Good reasons

? Convincing evidence

? Appeals to readers’ values

? Trustworthy tone

? Careful consideration of other positions on the same issue

Here are some tips to help you achieve these features:

Think carefully about your topic—is it focused enough for a short essay/argument?

What kinds of questions, feedback or other feedback did you get on last week’s 

discussion post? Make sure you keep these in mind as you develop your essay.

Remember that the assignment asks you to argue something you know about already, 

and you should be able to discuss the issue without outside research. Do not assume 

readers know all that you do. Part of effective argumentation is being informed—let 

your knowledge guide readers to trust your position.

Avoid generalizations and assumptions; do not offend or alienate readers. Statements 

like, “we all know…,” or “everyone wants…” tend to highlight exceptions—especially if 

readers do not fit into the experience you’re assuming/generalizing. Even if the claim is

something seemingly simple, like, “everyone can relate to this experience,” or “we all 

want to have the best,” you should avoid such blanket statements. Use specifics.

Avoid stereotypes.

Show that you have thought about other possible positions on the issue; acknowledge

counter-arguments, and, if possible, refute them

Subject English
Due By (Pacific Time) 04/25/2013 06:00 pm
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