Project #49065 - Case Study of a crime

Conduct  an Internet Search and find an artcile

about a crime in which interest you. crime stories are in the news everyday so this should be easy to accomplish.

Then analyze one theory from each of the following theoretical categories in terms of how useful it isin explaining the crime that you selected. (There are a numebr of theories within each category).

1.  Choice Theory

2. Trait Theory

3. Social Structure Theory

 For instance, if you chose a violent crime, such

as rape, you would analyze how useful each of three theories (one from each caterogy) is in expalining why the offender in the case you chose committed

the crime.

Your paper should have the following sections:

Introduction (Introduce the topic and mission of

the paper to your reader) 

The Crime (Describe the characteristics of the criminal incident you found then describe what we kow about this type of crime more generally..prevalence, trends, costs, etc.)

Choice Theory (Describe the main features of choice theory, then discuss how useful a specific theory from this category is in explaining the crime.)

Trait Theory (Describe the main features of trait

theory, then discuss how useful a specific theory

from this category is in explainig the crime.)

Social Structure Theory (Describe the main features of social structure theory, thend iscuss how

useful a specific theory fromt his category is in

explaining the crime)

Conclusion (Explain, in your view, which of the

three theories is most useful in explaining the

criminal incident you chose.  Then, discuss the

implications of this theory for criminal justice

policy in general.  What should the criminal

justice system do to try to address the kind of

crime that you chose in light of the explanation

for the crime that you found to be most useful?)

The sources you use for this assignment should

include the article on the crime you chose, and two peer-reviewed journal articles. Significant

amounts of information from peer-reviewed journal

articles should be incorporated into your paper.

In addition to presenting informaiton from your

sources, do some significant critical thinking in

applying the theoretical material we have covered

to the real case that you select.

Format requirements

  • Paper shyould be a minimum of 1,000 words or
  • about 4 apges
  • Double space
  • 12pt font
  • 1" margins
  • Use APA citations for all sources
  • Include APA reference page (not included in
  • word count)

Subject Law
Due By (Pacific Time) 12/04/2014 08:00 am
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