Project #48918 - Marketing

You are expected to answer all questions.  You should be able to answer each question in about 1.5 - 3 pages, double-spaced.  Please use one reference page, at the end of the document, to list all references (in proper APA style, of course).

Please submit only a WORD file.  Any Rtf, pdf, Works, Word Perfect or any other kinds of files will not be accepted, and will be returned with a grade of "0".  Please submit the assignment with the title YourLastName_Final.doc.  Be sure to turn in the exam to both your assignment folder AND 


Question 1:  Some services marketers vehemently maintain that service marketing is fundamentally different from product marketing and that different skills are involved.  Some traditional product marketers disagree, saying, “good marketing is good marketing.”  Take a position:  Product and services marketing are fundamentally different versus product and services marketing are highly related.

Question 2:  Describe the process you would use to determine the best marketing communication mix for any one of the following (no need to do more than one):
●  A breakfast cereal targeting children
●  A nonprofit organization focused on foster care
●  A line of power tools targeting women
●  A brand of shampoo
(Be sure to avoid just using all modes of communication or basing your choices on your own thoughts and predisposition.  Ensure that the focus is on the process that would be used to determine the mix.)

Question 3:  Five characteristics influence the rate of adoption of an innovation.  These are relative advantage, compatibility, complexity, divisibility, and finally communicability.  Other characteristics include costs, risk and uncertainty, scientific credibility, and social approval.  
●  Discuss each of these characteristics in light of how they mimic or refute the consumer-buying process discussed in Chapter 6 of this text.  
●  Is there a correlation to the consumer-buying influences and the adoption of a new product innovation?
●  Might the marketer learn how to successfully market a new product innovation by studying consumer buying influences?  
●  Discuss the pros and cons of taking such an undertaking.


Criterion 1:  Overall, does the question response successfully answer the question that is asked?  Does the response cover the appropriate content in-depth, and completely, without being redundant?

Criterion 2:  Does the response demonstrate a clear and thorough understanding of the course materials covered thus far, as applicable?  Is the author able to use course concepts to elucidate nuances?

Criterion 3:  Does the response present insight into the question asked, reflecting a depth of thought and consideration?  Even if personal narrative is used or a personal position is advocated, does the response use objectivity, scholarship, and reason to make its points, rather than simply author biases?

Criterion 4:  Is the response logical and well-argued?  Is there a theoretical and/or objective basis or framework for the author's approach?  Are the claims clear, evidence well-articulated, and warrants obvious?

Criterion 5:  Overall Writing Quality:
a.  The paper flows from general ideas to specific conclusions and/or vice-versa. All sections follow a logical order. Transitions tie together sections as well as individual paragraphs.
b.  Ideas are clear, original, and focused. Main idea stands along with details.
c.  Sufficient information included. Information clearly relates to the main thesis. It includes several supporting details and/or examples.
d.  Provides a clear and compelling thesis
e.  Sentences clearly relate to the paragraph’s main idea
f.  Paragraphs clearly and effectively relate to and support the thesis.
g.  Writer provides examples and quotes that answer the reader’s questions and add depth to the writer’s ideas.
h.  The writing/language is clear and concise.
i.  There are no (or very few) mistakes in grammar, spelling, and/or punctuation.
j.  The writing does not ramble.
k.  There are few-to-no errors in APA style.


a.  Length:  You should answer all questions.  You should be able to answer each question in about 1.5 - 3 pages, double-spaced.  This assignment should be NO MORE 9 pages double spaced (not including cover page, reference page and any exhibits in an appendix).  DO NOT exceed this length. 

b.  Citation and references:  Be sure to link your points and proposals to supporting details from the text.  Drawing these links helps to support your answers and demonstrates your broader critical evaluation of the questions in the context of our overall learning journey.  Remember every piece of information you use from an outside resource ought to have a citation after it and every citation needs to have a full reference at the end of your document.  Please cite all of your sources (including the textbook) using APA format.  Do you have questions about paraphrasing, quoting, citing sources, or including references?  This short video is from a woman who runs a university writing lab.  It will take you through APA basics.  Check it out at:

Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 11/27/2014 12:00 am
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