Project #48662 - 2 Literary Analysis Essays


first literary Analisys

Referring to the texts discussed in class,  Frankensein by Mary Shelley, Nana by Emile Zola and Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert so far,briefly comment (five double-spaced pages), some of the key issues.  Related to the issue of otherness (For example: the monstrosity, dandyism, the

bovarysme, the prostitute, etc

1. Compare the figure of the woman, as displayed in two of the three

works already discussed.



Your analysis should be comparative (find differences and similarities). Your commentmust somehow refer to both aspects movements they belong to literary works to be used for comment, ashistorical processes that are reflective.

Please cite key passages from the works, but must do so very selectively and

concise, being a very brief writing exercise. (In other words, it is not acceptable

cite an entire paragraph of any of the works.)

Style rules / format for this job:

Go to the following link, and carefully read the rules stipulated there.


The rules of style / format to be followed are those of the MLA (Modern Language Association).


Any entry not complying with the rules prescribed style and format,

He returned to the student uncorrected and unqualified.


If in doubt as to what I'm asking, do a literature search

articles critical works just discussed, and read at least one. There are

several places on the Web where you can find critical articles: JStor, Muse ...

There are also journals and collections of articles in the Library, where you can search.

Ask a librarian circulation that can guide about it. They are there

for that.


Second written assignment

In a comparative exercise 5-6 pages, discuss two poems of Symbolist poetry, and essays about it assigned in class (Baudelaire, Moréas, Mallarmé, Verlaine, Rimbaud ...), in light of tópicos- and of related-formal and thematic features that were addressed during the discussion of symbolism and historical movement. I am particularly concerned that in its analysis of the two poems set in a clear and precise, complex, interesting and intelligent connections in a dialogue between the characteristics of fin de siecle symbolism and literary movement and the historical moment in which you are enrolled.


 I hope, too, you know integrate balanced and appropriate secondary critical literature (I mean the critical essay on the symbolism that I asked them to read and summarize) to support its analysis and argumentative points.


Needless to say, this work must also comply with the formal requirements and the MLA Style Manual. Any work that does not meet all the requirements will be returned uncorrected.



Subject English
Due By (Pacific Time) 11/25/2014 12:00 am
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