Project #48392 - test for communication theory


    • Use terms from the textbook in your discussion for maximum poin
    • Use some sort of spelling and grammar checking program to avoid penalties
    • Answers should be a minimum of five complete sentence


Chapter 15: Structuration Theory.

What kinds of small changes would you consider making if you wanted to have more impact on a decision-making group?

Do you agree with Giddens that people are relatively free to act as they will? Why? When would they not be free? Why not?

Be sure to use chapter terms in your answer.


Chapter 19: Dramatism

Choose a film, book, or TV show to examine.  Describe how your selection represents Burke's Pentad by showing how each segment of the pentad is portrayed.  For example, the agent of the film Alien could either be the heroine Ripley or the creature itself.  What are they doing? Why are they doing it, etc. through the pentad. Be sure to state each act of the Pentad using chapter terms.


Chapter 21: Cultural Studies

  1. Choose a media outlet, such as CNN, NBC, or Fox, to examine how they portray a story. Select one of their current or past stories, and look at the coverage as if you were Stuart Hall.
  2. What would Hall say about how power is addressed in the story?
  3. How would he view their coverage in terms of challenging or maintaining the current social structure? Would he think they were agents of change or keepers of the status quo?


Chapter 27: Communication Accommodation Theory

Provide an example when Communication Accommodation would not be useful. What specific communication behavior might be offensive? Be sure to use chapter terms.


Chapter 29. Standpoint Theory.

Do you agree that marginalized groups have a more accurate standpoint than those in power? If so, provide a specific example and describe how that group may see the world. If not, how does your opinion differ from the theory's authors? What else could explain marginalized groups' different standpoint? Be sure to use chapter terms in your answer.


EXTRA CREDIT QUESTION ( 0-10 points, depending on quality of research):

Marshall McLuhan

1. Research Marshall McLuhan and provide one interesting fact about him that we did not cover.

2. Identify someone today who is filling this role as media analyst. What makes you think they are qualified to study and comment on the role of media in our lives?

Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 11/27/2014 11PM
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