Project #47785 - Auteur Filmmaker


Director: Alfonso Cuaron

Select a filmmaker from the above

whose style and content will interest you.

Review a minimum of three films by the filmmaker and write about the personal themes and characteristics this director likes to use often, give examples and reference an article discussing the film and director for each movie include the author and place a citation for the outside article used in quotes.

Paper should be 5-6 pages in lenth and in APA formated style. Include a works cited page. Please use quotations  and citations for any material copied.

The auteur approach to criticism is concerned with characterizing and illuminating the style of a single director through the consideration of formal aesthetic elements and recurring themes and motifs expressed throughout his/her body of work. Auteur critics are also interested in describing and interpreting the forces, both personal and public, that surround the production of the films under consideration.


Begin by researching the background of the director. Read all the criticism that you can find in both popular and specialized magazines, journals, and texts on your chosen auteur. What events in their lives have shaped their body of work? What social, cultural, or political forces might have influenced their approach to filmmaking? Your paper should properly integrate at least five, primary, college-level sources. Successful papers will reference at least one interview with your filmmaker and one critical essay on each film. Your thesis should offer an original claim describing the filmmaker's trademark style. Additionally, the paper should speculate on the myriad of influences that shaped the director's approach to both form and content.


Organize your essay by characteristics that reflect the director's style and thematic concerns, NOT by his/her films. Avoid summarizing the film narratives. Assume the reader is familiar with the director's work. Use APA citation style when attributing sources within the text as well as in your reference list.

Your final paper should be a well-researched, documented, and proofread 5-6 page essay. The body of your paper should include background on the filmmaker and analysis of his/her directorial style (i.e. recurring themes and aesthetics). Your essay should support a central thesis and integrate appropriate film vocabulary.

Follow these five tips to avoid common errors in writing style:

1.Use italics every time you quote a book or a movie, instead of capital letters or quotes. E.g.: Orson Welles directed Citizen Kane in 1941.

2.Do not include sources or film titles in your bibliography unless you are actually attributing them within the text of your essay. You also do not need a title page or abstract.

3.Whenever you cite an external source you must put it in quotes, followed by the reference in parentheses. E.g.: According to David Bordwell, "Hollywood has

perpetually renewed itself by assimilating foreign techniques, such as the European avant-garde" (Bordwell, 1988, p. 319).

4. List references in your bibliography according to APA style.

Books: Author, A., & Author, B. (Year). Title of book. Location: Publisher. Articles: Author, A. (Year). Title of article. Title of periodical, volume number, Web Page: Author, A., & Author, B. (Date of publication). Title of article.Retrieved month date, year, from http://web address.

5. Always use present tense in film analysis, especially when you describe the plot, a sequence, a shot, camera movements, and characters’ actions and psychological traits.

Critiques will be evaluated in terms of content, style, and grammar. Use the following grading rubric as a checklist.

•Introduction [10]

o  Opening device that stimulates attention

a.Clear, well-constructed, original thesis statement

a.Preview of main points

•Biographical information on the auteur [10]

a.Relevant information that informs the director’s aesthetic style or thematic preoccupations

•Organizational Structure [5]

a.Organized by trademark characteristics (as opposed to films)

•Discussion & analysis of film aesthetics [15]

a.Discussion of how these elements work to create meaning

•Discussion & analysis of central themes & symbols [15]

a.Identification of prevalent themes in his/her body of work

•Personal style and point-of-view [10]

a.Expression of how you feel about the filmmaker and films

•Precision in language [10]

a.Integration of appropriate film vocabulary

•Spelling, grammar, & sentence structure [10]

•Formatting, presentation, and research [15]

a.Use of an appropriate citation style for attribution

o  Properly formatted film titles, etc.

o  At least five primary, college-level sources attributed

Subject English
Due By (Pacific Time) 11/30/2014 10:00 pm
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