Project #47269 - junkyard problem=I need help with the visual logic part

Assignment 5 Automotive Junk Yard problem

You have been tasked with writing a program for a automotive junk yard.  They want to encourage their customers to make large purchases ($1000 or more) and to place their order online.  To do this they have set up a discount system for their customers to use.   If a customer orders online they get a 5 percent discount.  If the customer orders online and the order is $1000 or more they get an additional 10 percent off their order (total of 15%).  If their customer does not order online the only discount they provide is a 5 percent discount for orders that are $1000 or more.  Sales tax is 8 percent.  They want to be able to see the initial amount of the order, the the amount of online discount, the amount of 1000 and over discount, total amount of discounts, the subtotal (initial order minus the discount), the amount of sales tax and the grand total.  Warning:   When a future coder must change your code and they are looking for a specific number to change (ie online order discount increases to 10%) be sure to assign constant values at the start of your program

Test Data (2 different examples and their outcomes) use these values to test your code:

$1000 dollar order made online:

Order amount: $1000.00
Online Order Discount: $50.00
Over1000 Discount: $100.00
total Discount: $150.00
Subtotal: $850.00
Tax: $68.00
Total: $918.00

$500 dollar order not ordered online:

Order amount: $500.00
Online order Discount: $0.00
Over 1000 Discount: $0.00
total Discount: $0.00
Subtotal: $500.00
Tax: $40.00
Total: $540.00


You must do four things with the problem:

1.  Develop a problem statement (using notepad):
    a.  Assumptions
    b.  Input
    c.  Calculations
    d.  Output

2.  Write a human algorithm (step by step process for solving this problem) using notepad.  Remember you must make each step simple, don't try and combine steps, break everything down to it's simplest form.

3.  Flow Chart using visual logic. I want you to upload the emf file.  You can create a picture of it (Click on view, create metafile) and upload that .emf file.


4.  Create the JavaScript Script that will solve this problem using html kit .




Subject Computer
Due By (Pacific Time) 11/12/2014 03:12 pm
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