Project #47230 - homework

Activity 1:

3.  How could you determine the items that will be included on an agenda and how could you distribute agendas to the relevant personnel? Does this result in meetings that achieve their intended purpose? Explain and give examples to support your answer.

Hi Can you please just add an example below as i have basically answered the q but just struggled with an e.g.

When you write an agenda you must know the purpose and outcome you wish to achieve from the meeting.

Attendees should be given an opportunity to note down what they would like to be included in the agenda, given that the items a relevant. You could distribute agendas to the relevant attendees electronically- email/ Internet, fax, delivered personally to attendee, notice on board.

With an intended outcome, one is able to keep focused and on track, gets very clear about what they truly want and helps them strategize o how to go about achieving a goal.

Activity 2

  1. You are about to hold a meeting for the management team in an organisation. A number of productivity problems/ issues need to be discussed and you have asked one of the managers to prepare a presentation (which includes a PowerPoint presentation) on what productivity means and how it can be increased/ improved. 
Where would you hold such a meeting and why would you choose this venue?
Draw up a list of the equipment and resources (including hardcopy handouts) you would need and describe (or draw a diagram of) the seating arrangements you would organise. 
How would you structure the meeting and what timeframes would apply – taking into consideration the needs of the organisation, the problems that need to be resolved and the optimum timeframes for effective meetings. Give reasons for your answers. 
When and how would you distribute the agenda? 
Upload your answer for assessment.

Activity 3

2. Briefly describe the methods you might use to prepare, proof and distribute meeting documentation, notes or handouts. The meeting may be any kind of meeting including work related, social, sporting.
Are these the most efficient and effective methods? Explain why you use these current methods and how and why you think improvements could be made.


  1. What procedures might you follow to ensure the meeting arrangements will meet your requirements or needs? Write a list that could be incorporated in a procedure relating to meeting arrangements.

Activity 4

What confidentiality issues might impact on the information discussed in meetings?


Activity 7


. Give an example of when a report of a meeting, rather than minutes, might be required.


Written / Oral Questions

Why is it important to create a meeting agenda that reflects the style and structure of the meeting and to send it, together with any papers, to all participants? What items should be included on an agenda?


What are the attributes of an effective and efficient meeting? What are the responsibilities of the chairperson in a meeting?



How does briefing the minute taker prior to the meeting improve efficiency? What information should be included in minutes? Why is it important to check minutes, distribute them and make any necessary reports as soon as possible after the meeting?


There are a number of key provisions of relevant legislation and regulations from all levels of government that that may affect aspects of business operations, such as:

                        Anti-discrimination legislation

                        Ethical principles

                        Codes of practice

                        Privacy laws

                        Financial legislation

                        Health and safety legislation

                        Consumer law

                        Credit procedures legislation and regulations

            Why is it necessary to have a working knowledge of the legislation involved in business?

Why does the chairperson need to understand group dynamics when chairing a meeting?

Why is it important to have diversity in teams and amongst employees? Why do you need to be aware of culturally appropriate techniques when communicating with people from diverse backgrounds and with diverse abilities?


Project 1

A management meeting for 12 section managers is due to be held on Tuesday, 24 November commencing at 9.30am and finishing at 4.00pm. The CEO of the company will attend.
The meeting is usually held in the boardroom at the company's offices but this room is unavailable. You will need to make alternative arrangements. 
Two of the managers will be coming from interstate to attend in person, while 3 will participate via teleconference.
A guest speaker will show a video and talk on technological changes for the year 2007.
Lunch will be catered for on the premises. 
In the afternoon, the participants will divide into 3 groups to develop ideas and consider their strategic needs for the upcoming year. 
Write out a meeting plan to ensure that all the preparations for the meeting will be correctly organised. 
Upload your plan for assessment.



Subject Business
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