Project #47162 - research paper (child abuse)

Write a research paper of about eight to ten pages on the researchable question inspired by reading Nazario’s Enrique’s Journey. Your question should not be too broad.


The paper should answer your question.




You must have a specific, detailed thesis sentence that clearly states your position on the issue.  Follow the instructions of W-2 of Seagull for formulating the effective thesis statement and organizing your essay.




Your paper should be eight to ten pages long.

Note the following points about the MLA format:


  • Titles of the long works should be italicized (Ex. War and Peace, Othello). Titles of the short works should be in quotation marks with no italics.
  • In the title of your essay capitalize all words except prepositions and articles but do not put quotations marks around your own title or italicize it or underline it.

·      Cite borrowed material. Attach the list of works cited.


Developing research questions for Enrique’s Journey


A research project starts with questions that you do not already know the answers to.  As you narrow to the question that interests you the most, you can then find sources that answer your question, and develop a position of your own, and make an argument using your sources to support your ideas. 


Here are two areas in Enrique’s Journey that could lead you to interesting, researchable questions.  As you respond to each of these, avoid simple “yes/no” questions, and write each question in the form of a question; use the reverse side of the paper if you need more space:


·       Sonia Nazario is very interested in immigration policy and law.  What researchable questions related to U.S. immigration policies can you think of, after reading Enrique’s Journey?


Examples:       “What kind of immigration policy should the U.S. have right now?”

“What is the history of immigration policy in the U.S. and how has it changed (or not changed) over time?




·       Nazario’s book focuses, partly, on the needs of children and the struggles they may face growing toward adulthood.  What researchable questions related to childhood development or child psychology can you think of, inspired by what you read in the book?




Content                  Analysis &      Citations &              Structure &                   Style &              Grammar &

    Synthesis         Works Cited            Organization      Language               Mechanics


Detailed, extensive, complex content from a wide range of high quality sources (minimum six sources). Wikipedia, dictionaries, and sacred books do not count as sources.

Insightful, original analysis and synthesis of ideas, using research results to explore new connections, conclusions, and/or questions

Flawless citations and Works Cited following MLA or other appropriateformat

Clear, appropriate structure and organization; strong paragraph development; no wordiness or repetition issues

Consistent, clear style and language; correct and varied word choice; correct syntax

Possibly up to three errors in grammar and mechanics, no spelling and proof-reading errors









Subject English
Due By (Pacific Time) 11/12/2014 01:59 pm
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