Project #4688 - MBA Paper (APA Style)

Assignment: (6 to 10 pages) Due 4/23

Note: Please use correct APA format, including a cover page, in-text citations, and a References page. Please write in third person. 

Country Study – Introducing a Product in a Foreign Country

Write a report on your proposed strategy to enter a Foreign Market that integrates the following issues:

? The fit for your product with the culture, politics and economy of the country

? How you plan to cover market, investment and exchange rate risk?

? Your assessment of the economic health of the country to sustain your business.

Note: Think of this as a summary integrative piece that ties some of the core insights of the course on globalization, integrating cultural and political issues in economic policy, economic theory, assessing the economic health of a country, trade policy, FDI policy, Immigration/Talent policy, exchange rate policy, balance of payments policy and open economy macroeconomics.

Make sure in this analysis you have the following details:

1. Cultural Risk

Use the tools of Hofstede in the text or similar ones (see link below too) to situate your country on a cultural map and then discuss your strategy to launch your product in that cultural context.


2. Political Risk –

You could use the index of political freedom, economic freedom etc to summarize the country’s political economy. World Bank Governance Indicators

MBA-505 Global Economics Concordia University, St. Paul

Page 27 of 31

3. Market Risk

You could use Market Potential of Globaledge as well as the Doing Business site of the World Bank among other resources

4. Economic Risk

You may want to situate the country on the Policy Cross. Identify major economic issues. What should the country do to achieve internal and external balance? How close are they to achieve this internal and external balance?

-Exchange Rate Risk

-FDI Risk

Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 04/23/2013 07:00 pm
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