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The Problem

Statement of the Problem: Universities and colleges do not like to admit students who do not perform well. It is expensive and unpleasant for both the student and the school. Since you work in the Department of Education and are a trained statistician, your supervisor has asked that you assist the Head of the Admissions Department. You have been given the MIDWEST SCHOLASTIC DATA file to develop a detailed statistical plan that the Admissions Officer can use to determine which students are most successful at the university.


The Data

Your data, The MIDWEST SCHOLASTIC DATA file, contains a number of variables. The database contains information on all undergraduate students at the University of West Erlham County (UWEC). Thirteen variables are considered for each student. The variables are: sex (SEX), high school percentile (HSP), cumulative college grade point average (GPA), age (AGE), total college credits earned (CREDITS), classification (CLASS), school/college enrollment (COLLEGE), primary major (MAJOR), out-of-state or local residency, a variable used to calculate tuition cost (RESIDENCY), admission type (TYPE), ACT English score (ENGLISH), ACT Math score (MATH), and ACT composition score (COMP).

Project Description:

The Data Analysis Project for STAT 113 is something you will work on all semester. You will be asked to submit parts of your data analysis during the semester. 

1. Part A: The Plan: this is a communication between you and your instructor and will be used to help you clear up misunderstandings prior to the start of the actual project work. The plan should be from 1-2 pages in length. Please describe, in your own words, what is expected of you (that is, of the report) from the supervisor. What is the purpose of the analysis? Consider each variable; what do you think each might contribute to the results of your investigation? For example, why is the high school average important? Why would we want to know the college GPA of a sample of college students if we are talking about admission to the college? What could/would your recommendations possibly be used for? To whom would they be important? The final paragraph is a statement that indicates that you understand how you are allowed to work on your project. You may discuss the project with classmates, and seek advice and assistance from the DMLC, but you must do the project work yourself. Please include the following words: “I, (put your name here), understand that if I submit work I did not do myself, it will be considered plagiarism and I will fail the project and fail the course.”


NOTE: Your instructor will either approve your plan or ask you to revise your plan with the help of the DMLC tutors. You will receive one point for turning in this plan on time and no points if it is late. However, you cannot move forward without the approved plan. Your instructor will use the information he gets from the plans to help the class organize their work going forward.

2. Part B: Description of the Variables: Describe each of the thirteen variables. Provide an appropriate graph of each variable. Be sure to compute the numerical values and present them—a pie chart without clear labels and numbers that go along with it is not acceptable. Please tell what the unit of measurement is for each of the quantitative variables; please make sure all the categories of a qualitative variable are shown either in a graph or are discussed in your paragraph about each variable. Make comments specific to your data; writing general statements about education or gender differences or other things that are NOT specific to your data and findings are not encouraged. Your writeup should be explicit about what the variable is measuring (or counting) and what the results are. This should be 6-10 pages in length with appropriate graphs and tables. The appendix will be made up of Parts B, C and D, in that order, so your numbering should start with Part B and go from there.


3. Part C: Pick 12 pairs of variables and discuss why each pair might, or might not, give you information that could be helpful for the Office of Admissions. The last paragraph of this write-up should contain the list of the 6 most important pairs of variables for further investigation. Be sure that you have a clear justification for choosing those pairs. This part of the project should be 4 – 8 pages. This part of the document is all text, no graphs. You could insert a table if that makes your presentation clearer.


4. Part D: Make use of statistical tests on the pairs of variables you chose in Part C.  For example, finding regression and interpreting it might be useful.  Develop a bullet list of findings and link the findings to the appropriate graphs and data in this section and explain what your results mean in relation to the project. An example might be “Age and GPA indicated that older students have higher GPA’s. This might indicate that choosing older students, rather than new college graduates, might lead to more successful students [see Graph 3, page 10 of the Appendix]” This part should be 4 – 8 pages.


5. Part E: 

a. Write a letter to your supervisor, giving him/her a list of points (s)he should consider when determining who should be admitted. The letter should be 1-2 pages single spaced and written like a real business letter. You can find examples on the web. Remember that your supervisor is not a statistician and might not understand the technical details of what you did.  The technical details are to be limited to the Appendix. 


b. Write an introduction to the Appendix explaining the problem you were asked to work on and how you proceeded. This should be just about one page, single spaced and should serve as the preface to the Appendix.


c. Put the document together with a nice Cover Page and an interesting title for your project. Be sure to include the date, your name, your section and your instructor’s name.

Due date: The final project is due no later than December 20 at 11:59pm.


FOR THE ENTIRE PROJECT: The separate parts and then the final submission of your project should have these things in common.


1. Start numbering pages with Part B. Part C should have its numbering starting where B left off and so on.


2. Use the Header feature in MSWord to include your name and your instructor’s name and section on each page of your document. Your instructor can show you how to do that. You may use any word processing program but you must save your document as a pdf if you are not using MSWord. 


3. All parts of the project must be submitted electronically. Your instructor will show you how to do that.


4. You are allowed to revise each of Parts B, C and D exactly one time—no more. You may revise if you didn’t receive the highest possible grade the first time through. If your project was submitted after the due date, you may not revise it. Revision points are added only at the end of the grading cycle.





The data is given, andi will attach the file

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