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Assignment 2

Due Wednesday, November 5th by 11:59pm

Management in a Digital World: Participation with Crowds



Crowdsourcing is a relatively old idea that has gained increasing traction in the public sphere in only the last 10 years. Crowdsourcing allows organizations (both for-profit and non-profit) to leverage a crowd in the discovery, delivery, and analysis of data that the parent organization wouldn’t otherwise be able to do. In this assignment, I want you to consider both where you have seen crowdsourcing in practice (i.e. as discussed in class) and how you have experienced crowdsourcing yourself (i.e. your proof-of-concept system). I hope that you can see how crowdsourcing can become part of a project’s DNA, shaping the way that you even design the project in the first place.



Management in this context requires new considerations as the complexities of crowdsourced engagements changes the ways that we manage. Consider the following management principles:

¡  Motivation – Why are we doing this project?

¡  Human Resources – How are people distributed throughout the project?

¡  Division of Work – How is work divided between people?

¡  Organizational Structure – How is an organization structure for the project?

¡  Decision Making – How are decisions made?

¡  Leadership – Who is leading the project and how are they leading?

¡  Authority and Control – Who can make decisions regarding the project?

¡  Social Responsibility – What are the ethical responsibilities of the project?

¡  Communication – What are the primary forms of communication?


I’m expecting that not all of the management principles are going to be relevant in your particular situation. Unlike open source, I think crowdsourcing leads us to a more limited set of principles. However, you can be the judge of that!


The Paper

Select two management principles that you find most compelling with respect to organizational crowdsourcing. After selecting two principles that are most compelling to you, dedicate ½ page to the write-up of each. The assignment CANNOT exceed one page (if it does, I will stop reading at the end of the first page). For EACH principle, write the following:  

¡  Paragraph 1: Why you believe this to be an important principle

¡  Provide literature that supports your case (back it up). This can include examples of what we have looked at in class.

¡  Communication is an important principle with respect to crowdsourcing. New avenues of communication must be established to accommodate the delivery and acceptance of data …

¡  Paragraph 2: Provide how this management principle was handled/considered in your proof-of-concept. What were the challenges when considering this principle?  

¡  Describe the principle in practice with an example in your proof-of-concept. Relate its position/consideration to your DFD.

¡  Authority and control was a primary consideration for us as we employed data exchanges via Twitter and Instagram. In doing so, we had to consider the free form text that each of these systems accommodates…

Subject Computer
Due By (Pacific Time) 11/06/2014 04:00 pm
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