Project #46429 - Sociology - Critical Review

This critical review paper has some very specific requirements. I simply do not have time with my work schedual this week to complete it. If you feel confident that you can complete this assignment according to the specifications below, please send me a message and I will assign it to you. Thx.


The critical review is worth 45 possible points. You need to respond to the information in the chapter reading by answering the following questions:

Read chapter 3 for the critical review and respond to it in accordance with the questions below.

Obviously you DO NOT have my book so you CANT read the chapters so I will tell you below about the chapter and you should be able to write something decent from that.

Chapter Title: Sociological Research


Your response to that chapter should be no less than two pages in an essay format double-spaced...this does not include the title page. Write with proper grammar. If you directly quote or paraphrase from the textbook, use proper citation. There are 8 points to respond to.

1) Major Points: What is the purpose of this chapter or the main message? Why do you think it is in the book?

A.To explain the different ways that sociologists collect information, what they collect information on, and how that information is used.

2) Agreement/Disagreement: What in the chapter do you most either agree with or disagree with?

A. I most disagree with serveys being used as research designs because they are mostly biased by an incetive. I most agree with having ethics of research including keep information confidential and not submitting research containing conflict of interest.

3) Most Important: Select one idea, concept or theory you think is most important. Discuss it and provide an example.

A. For this, use the concept of Feminist Methodology.

4) Strength/Weakness: Mention either one strength or one weakness you think of the chapter?

A. You can figure this out, think about a chapter you have read and compare those strengths and weaknesses, it doesnt have to be perfect just good enough to make me look like I gave a shit when I wrote it.

5) Emotional Response: How do you feel about the information you have read from the chapter?

A. Again just improvise.

6) Contribution: What one contribution do you think in the chapter did the author make on a particular topic or issue?

A. Kind of hard to site specific examples from a book you dont have right, well talk about topic of Sociological Research today and make something uo that you think the author of this chaper has contributed towards that topic.

7) Further Research: What further research do you think should be done on a particular topic or issue in the chapter?

A. This ones all you

8) Evaluation and Grade Points: Tell me how well you answered the above in points... it should be worth from a scale of 1-45 points, 45 points being the highest.

Bottom line as long as it looks good, has a title page, is no less than 2 pages double spaced, and sounds like a 23 year old wrote it. Ill be happy. Thx guys.

Subject Science
Due By (Pacific Time) 11/07/2014 12:30 pm
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