Project #46307 - Corporate finance Management Essay




Corporate finance Management Essay


Essay (20 % of course grade)


Students should select one of the topics from the list below (or an alternate topic preapproved by the instructor. The essay is due in the individual's Assignments Folder as indicated in the Course Guide/Schedule.


The essay should demonstrate a student's ability to integrate and synthesize course concepts with selected readings to communicate his/her understanding of financial management concepts their application in organizations.  The essay should also demonstrate a student's ability to communicate as a manager. This includes proper writing style, organization, grammar, and spelling, as well as integration of course-related material. The writing style must follow the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association , 5 th edition. Citations for online sources should include the online address (URL) and access date as well as the citation for the specific reference. 


Research for the paper may be conducted online using the UMUC online library as the primary source. Do not use abstracts, use full-text articles. Publications that may be relevant for the topics listed below include: Strategic Finance, The Journal of Business Finance and Accounting, CFO Magazine, Nonprofit World, Harvard Business Review, or other accounting and financial journals.


The paper should: 


  • Be based on your reading and research relevant to the topic.

  • Be 7 - 10 double-spaced pages, plus appendices, exhibits, and references.

  • Include a one-page Executive Summary immediately following the title page that includes a statement of the major issue(s) and your conclusions and specific recommendations. The content of an Executive Summary is similar to an abstract. 

  • Properly cite reference sources: these may include course material, information from magazines, journals, and online sources. All reference sources must have a publication date within the last three years. Students who wish to use an older source publication should contact the instructor with the request and reason. 

    Essay Topic List


  1. Ratio and Financial Statement Analysis - Your essay should critically analyze the benefits and limitations of ratio analysis, explaining what factors impact the meaningfulness of such measures and what new practices or theories may be emerging regarding the application of ratio and financial statement analysis.   Emphasize practical applications and real-world use of ratios synthesizing your readings in published research or survey articles (Relevant Text Material: Parrino – Chapters 3 & 4).

  2. Capital Budgeting, Net Present Value, and other Decision Tools - Write an essay that analyzes the pros and cons of the commonly used measures ( NPV, IRR, PI, MIRR, DPB) and come to a conclusion based on the literature that you surveyed as to which methods are theoretically correct and those popular. Emphasize real-world practices of capital budgeting methods, including project approval processes. Synthesize the discussions in published research or survey articles (Text Material: Parrino – Chapter 10).

  3. Financial Management in Multinational Organizations - Write an essay that describes how multinational organizations use the financial management practices, for example use of debt, dividend policy, managerial ownership, corporate governance, etc. Topics in (1) and (2) above can be included, but the essay and references should focus on international differences and practices in corporations/organizations outside U.S.

  4. Financial Management in Nonprofit Organizations - Discuss financial management in nonprofit organizations and write an essay that compares and contrasts the application of financial management techniques in nonprofit and for-profit organizations. Sources of funds, use of debt, performance evaluation (efficiency in use of contributions and meeting the organization’s objectives), governance mechanisms in non-profits, etc. would be good topics/issues for discussion in the essay.

  5. Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems - Write an essay comparing the traditional management systems to the above two systems – in terms of differences in approaches, achieving efficiencies, cost savings, and firm profitability. Include in your essay the findings from different studies that have analyzed/examined alternative approaches to SCM and CRM (Text Material: Jiambalvo – Chapter 1).

  6. Cost Allocations & Activity Based Costing (ABC) – Describe the cost allocation and ABC approaches in for-profit firms (corporations) and the different ways of implementation in real-world business enterprises. Analyze ABC’s potential strengths and weaknesses within a company. Include a discussion of steps needed to ensure a successful implementation of ABC, the associated costs & benefits, efficiency gains, profitability implications, etc. (Text Material: Jiambalvo – Chapter 6).

  7. Costing & Pricing Decisions – Write an essay on the practice of cost allocations (particularly joint costs, sunk costs, and opportunity costs) and pricing decisions (e.g., cost-plus pricing, target costing, and activity-based pricing) in corporations. Include in your discussion the major differences in those various approaches and their appropriateness in the context of the nature of costs, industry differences, competitiveness, etc. Also relate the implications for firm’s profitability (Text Material: Jiambalvo – Chapters 7 & 8).








The Essays are due by 11:59 p.m. on November 19 (Extended from November 16).  Here are some hints to help you get started.

1) You should review the guide for developing a research topic, and instructions for submission under "Project Descriptions" in the
Syllabus.  Please note that the descriptions in the Syllabus provide you with the content areas needed to meet the minimum requirements (“B” level) for the course.  You need to develop the content in a way to tell a story or shed light on an issue of contemporary business importance in order to elevate the descriptions to an outstanding (“A” level) Essay.

2) Study the grading rubric in the Discussion folders under The Essay & before submitting your paper. In particular, I will be looking for a paper that "...develops a clearly articulated thesis and/or main idea that are consistent with expectations of content and purpose."

3) Note that the Essay is not a recitation of facts or opinions. It has to be a careful synthesis of ideas in a way to address a topic, make a set of points and/or shed light on an ongoing issue. This is an opportunity to demonstrate your proficiency in communicating the underlying financial management concepts in a particular area.

4) Given limitations of time and space, I would recommend adopting a well-defined (relatively narrow) scope. For example, "The Role of the Housing Correction in Causing the Financial Crisis," instead of the more general "The Causes of the Financial Crisis." You may also want to address the issue of "Are the Sarbanes-Oxley provisions adequate for monitoring governance in Financial Institutions?" instead of a more general description of the SOX provisions. Try to find a cause and effect relationship in the area you are interested in; this will make your paper more specific.

5) Pay attention to communication - paragraph structure, sound grammar, spelling, etc.
  Every submission should follow the following general structure:


  • Title Page

  • Executive Summary (one-page)

  • Introduction to the Essay

  • Body of Essay

  • Conclusion

  • References

  • Appendices, exhibits, etc (if applicable)


    6) I will be happy to go over a (complete) draft of your Exec. Summary or completed Essay, and provide comments. This is not required, but is recommended for students looking for more in-depth feedback before submitting the Essay.  If you plan to submit a draft for review prior to the submission date, the draft should be received no later than ...


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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/07/2014 12:00 am
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