Project #46275 - Case Study – THE CYBER TROLL

Situation and What to do?

To try to appease the attacker, one of the company’s public relations representatives sent an email to 

the blogger thanking him for trying to help the company improve its products, and asked for feedback 

directly, and offered to pay the blogger to “consult” with them to find ways to improve the product.

However, rather than taking this offer as a complement, the attacker was emboldened. Theb the 

blogger took out of context bits of personal email message sent to him in attempt to be conciliatory, and 

to clarify, and the he manipulated them and distributed the fabrication in a “newsletter” and posted it 

online with his stated intention to prevent the company from selling its product.

The company executives then hired several independent researchers to conduct studies and also 

solicited testimonials from several Fortune 10 companies that had purchased the product, and they 

used these materials in a campaign to help improve the image of the product and try to neutralize the 

blogger’s attempts to interfere with the company’s business. However, the relentless onslaught from 

social media by the attacker served to doom EZ from reaching its potential.

What to do? You have been called upon by the corporate executives to develop a strategy to deal with 

the problem and to help prevent it from happening again in the future. You will also recommend 

courses of action and policies to deal with these kinds of problems. Consequently, you shall assume the 

role of “expert” and provide professional advice.



Your Tasks

1. Drawing upon what you have read in your textbook about managing security behaviors, the 

additional readings and materials you have been given, and doing additional secondary research 

about the subject (which be sure to cite fully using APA format), develop an overall assessment of 

what you think are this attacker’s motives. (Note: a useful analog resource might be to look up on 

the Web about the Honeynet Project – Why People Attack Computer Systems).

2. Based on these motivational assumptions, develop an analysis of the problem (who, what, where, 

and why –fully justified).

3. From the previous premises, develop a strategy and a sophisticated solution or set of 

recommendations, written professionally (something you might provide to this client, your boss, or 

maybe publish in a news article –that particular style is up to you, but key is professional).

Subject Computer
Due By (Pacific Time) 11/06/2014 12:00 pm
Report DMCA

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