Project #4594 - Literature and the Environment

****VERY strict professor! MUST exceed min. page requirements****

Writing Assignment #2

This assignment is based upon your careful reading of Gretel Ehrlich’s The Solace of Open Spaces.  Your assignment will be based upon any THREE chapters from Ehrlich’s book that you select. For EACH chapter, you will complete an analytical assessment—this component is REQUIRED work.  Carefully follow the directions found in each section below to ensure your success on this project.


Analytical Assessment (Required Components):


-EACH analysis will be written in the third person with the exception of the personal connections question;

-EACH analysis should be a separate section of your assignment;

-EACH analysis should be 2pp. single-spaced as a MINIMUM  length requirement. 

Consider the following issues concerning EACH of your THREE selected chapters as aspects to analyze:

-How is the author connecting to nature; how is this chapter based upon a nature experience or experiences?

-What, specifically, are the environmental issues the author addresses in this chapter?

-How does the author connect her personal experience or experiences with nature?

-What tools/writing techniques, does Ehrlich use to create the pictures she paints in the chapter?  How does she use these techniques for effect?

-Are there ways in which you see Ehrlich NOT connecting with the environment or nature in the chapter?  If so, what are these disconnections?  How is she utilizing them to help shape her narrative/her personal reflection?

-What are the larger environmental issues the chapter makes the reader consider?  How does the Ehrlich’s personal experience go beyond an individual reflection and speak to a collective issue or problem?

-What kinds of personal connections can you make to the subject matter at hand in the chapter?  Stretch your perceptions here, and be sure to actually make some connections; saying you are unable to do so is an ineffective omission J!


Creative Composition: 

Here your task is to compose your own personal narrative.  Your narrative needs to be a reflection based on nature and environmental surroundings, just as Ehrlich’s chapter narratives are. You will use one of the following THREE chapter titles from Ehrlich’s text: “The Smooth Skull of Winter,” “On Water,” “To Live In Two Worlds” as the title of your own narrative. 

Here is a list of helpful advice in formulating your composition:

-You will use one of Ehrlich’s titles, but you are not copying her subject matter.

-You will anchor your focus to an aspect of nature or the environment as it has or does affect you and your life; your topic choice is WIDE OPEN!

-You will need a narrowed focus; say less on a smaller subject.

-You will meet the MINIMUM length requirement of 3pp. single-spaced in order to receive any credit for this assignment.

-You will be using the first person voice, as is only logical for a personal narrative,

-You will need plenty of concrete description and detail to paint a picture for your reader.    

-You will observe and commit to the golden rule for credit:  either do the work with conscientious effort, or do not do the work if you cannot commit to the process.  In short, make the assignment worth your time and worth my time!


Subject English
Due By (Pacific Time) 04/26/2013 12:00 am
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