Project #45756 - minitab output analysis

The data set you downloaded represents a sample of 40 automobiles.  The data shows the miles per gallon of each automobile, along with fourteen other variables that describe the automobile.  The specific variables are described below.  Your task is to build a multiple regression model that relates miles per gallon to the other characteristics of the automobiles. You must then copy the variables into MINITAB.  I suggest you name the variables as they appear on your Excel spreadsheet. 


In any case, this additional information could well lead you to an inappropriate model since I expect you to construct the best model you can from the data set you have been given.


Your write-up should include the final regression model that you selected, and your reasons for selecting that model.  In addition, you should give the reader an idea of how he/she might use your model.  Your analysis should point out what relationships exist between the variables, and how these relationships might interest a person in the automobile industry.  Finally you should address whether or not your model is valid in the sense that you have not violated the underlying assumptions of regression analysis.


            Some tips for the paper (2-3 pages in Word):


1.      You should spend at least as much time (probably twice as much) analyzing and writing the paper as you spend at the computer.  


2.  You should present your results up front and then explain or justify them.


3.     Make sure that any figures or exhibits are properly labeled and titled and are referenced in the text.  They should be germane to the discussion.  Unorganized MINITAB output will detract from your grade (Make it pretty!).


4.  Above all, converge on a model.  Do not give me several or even two to choose from.  I want you to take a stand and pick a model.


5.  Make sure that you think about the final model and how effective it will be.


6.  Make sure to check that the assumptions hold.  You cannot do anything about them if they fail to hold, just point out that you realize there is some question of validity.          












Variable Definition for Excel Spreadsheet


Column          Variable                     Units


            1                      MPG                           Miles per Gallon

            2                      Type                           Type of Car

1 - Small

2 - Compact

3 - Medium

4 - Large

            3                      Loc                              Location of Manufacturer

1 - United States

2 - Asia

3 - Europe

            4                      Weight                         Weight in Pounds

            5                      Turn                            Turning Circle: U-Turn in Feet

6                      Disp                            Engine Displacement in Cubic Inches

7                      HP                               Horsepower

8                      Tank                            Fuel-Tank Capacity in Gallons

9                      Length                         length in Inches

10                    WhlBase                      Wheelbase in Inches

11                    Width                          Width in Inches

12                    Height                         Door-top-to-ground in Inches

13                    LegRoom                     Front Leg Room in Inches

14                    Seat                             Rear Seat Room in Inches

15                    Luggage                       Luggage Capacity in Cubic Feet



Analysis is complete.  Need help interpreting results and writing paper. 

Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 10/31/2014 09:48 pm
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