Project #45732 - Electronic Health Records

Complete Questions Chapter 13 of Medical History and the Law Assignment


1.  Describe how an EHR system can increase a health care facility’s exposure to liability.


2.  Broadly outline what a provider must consider when instituting an EHR system.


3.  What two competing forces must be balanced concerning system security?


4.  Broadly outline what the Security Rule requires of all covered entities.


5.  What types of technical security safeguards are required by the Security Rule?


6.  Describe how access control software and audit trails contribute to the security of a system.


7.  What are the benefits of using encryption?


8.  What security factors must be considered when implementing a health data network?


9.  Describe how a health care provider should address information system security with an outside contract or vendor.


10.  How can an organization prevent computer sabotage?


11.  What are the precautions that can assist in preserving accessibility of computerized patient records?


12.  What are the durability concerns related to EHRs?


13.  What are the common elements of a health data network agreement?


14. What is the purpose of a participation agreement between a HDN and is   participants?


15. How can an EHR meet the exception to the hearsay rule and be admitted as evidence?


16. Outline the steps healthcare organizations should take in managing their EHRs in connection with possible litigation.


17.  Compare the requirements of the antikickback statutes and the Stark Law.


18.  What are some of the legal risks in an HDN to the tax exemption of a charitable healthcare provider?


19.  What precautions can be taken to protect the confidentiality of patient information when using facsimile (fax) machines?


20.  Describe how HIPAA impacts electronic claims processing.


21.  What are the legal and confidentiality concerns relative to telemedical records?


22. How can a health care organization protect the confidentiality of information transmitted via e-mail?


23.  What are the steps for developing policies and procedures related to Internet security?


Subject Law
Due By (Pacific Time) 11/02/2014 05:00 pm
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