Project #45710 - evaluation rough draft

Overview of your Task:

Choose something to write a review/evaluation of (this is your "cultural text" and it doesn't have to be a written/print text -- it can be almost anything).

  • Choose something you already know a lot about and have a background in. You need to establish ethos (credibility) and you need your audience to believe you know what you're talking about. For example, if you are a mother of several young children, then we are much more likely to believe your critique of the latest baby high-chair than we are if you don't have lots of experience with children/high-chairs. If you've never played a video game, then don't write a review of a video game. If you travel frequently and use online travel websites to book your tickets, then you'd have credibility to write a review of a travel site. If you don't own a car and/or don't know how to drive, then don't choose to write an evaluation of a car.
  • Choose something that you can thoroughly evaluate in a short amount of space (nothing over 5 pages double spaced). Don't try to evaluate an entire set of public policy, or all of the faculty at your college, or the entire national parks system. Choose one text that can carefully/thoroughly be analyzed and evaluated in the space you have -- so something like a book, a pair of sneakers, a type of hiking backpack, a blog, a certain bowling ball, a landscape company, a boutique, a restaurant, a bicycle, or coffee machine -- these would all work.
  • Choose something you have a definite opinion/point-of-view on. If you don't really care about your "text," it will be obvious to the reader, so to make your review exciting and engaging, choose something that you can be enthusiastic about. Of course, even if you choose to review your Philosophy class that you absolutely LOVE, you will still have to have a balanced review and point out the drawbacks, as well, but choosing something you are enthusiastic about will help make your task easier.
  • Choose something you have access to. If you are going to review a book, film, or TV show, choose one that you own or can watch/experience multiple times. Don't try to write a review about a play you saw once in a theatre last summer. You need to be able to pull very specific examples, so if you choose to review something like a concert, play, or stand-up comedian, then make sure you either take extensive notes while you're there or that you attend multiple times.
  • While I'm not going to stop you from choosing to write about a movie, a car, or a piece of technology (like an iPhone), I'm discouraging it. There are just too many online reviews written about such things, and it's very difficult not to find yourself plagiarizing or heavily-relying on outside sources. Choose something original that doesn't already have lots written about it -- just to help keep you honest.

Once you have your item (or "text") to review, write a thorough evaluation (or critique or review) that: 

  • Clearly identifies the target audience and target publication at the top of the assignment -- so it's clear that you know who will be reading your review and where it would be published (see the sample Evaluation papers for examples)


  • Is presented in a form that meets the needs and expectations of the target audience (this review may be a newspaper or magazine article, blog post, essay, etc.);


  • Contains an accurate and specific description of the text being evaluated (remember your summary skills!);


  • Refers to background information, as appropriate, to provide context for the evaluation (give us context);


  • Incorporates clear and appropriate criteria on which the evaluation is based;


  • Contains a judgment of the item being evaluated that directly relates to your criteria (how does the item measure up to an ideal sample?);
    This judgment will be the basis of your thesis statement!


  • Is based on analysis (that uses examples) and not mere opinion.

Plagiarism WarningThere are many reviews online, so in order to avoid even accidentally plagiarizing, do not do any research on your topic. Come up with your criteria and your judgment on your own. For this evaluation, there is no room for outside research. Make your entire review original writing.


Formatting and Submission:

For this assignment, format your document based on the formatting expectations of the kind of writing that you're doing. So, your review may be in the form of an essay, a blog post, a newspaper article, or whatnot. Refer to Chapter 14: Designing Documents, pgs. 417-442 for help with design. Feel free to use visuals such as graphs or photographs if your review would benefit from them. Save your file as a .doc or .docx or .rtf file type so it can easily be opened. You will need to upload your file to the drop-box marked "Evaluation Drop-Box" area of our class webpage. No late papers will be accepted.

Grading Criteria

This assignment is worth a total of 100 points and breaks down like this (note that there is an interactive grading rubric in our online classroom that will be used, but it contains the below information -- to see the rubric, go to the Evaluation drop-box):

  • Clearly describe the text being evaluated (accurately summarize)

  • Give background information, as appropriate, for context

  • Establish criteria and explain how it will be used as basis for judgment

  • Develop a clear, arguable thesis that makes a clear judgment

  • Incorporate evidence (facts, examples, quotations, summaries and/or paraphrases) as support for judgment

  • Clearly explain how the evidence supports/develops the analysis

  • Choose a form that meets the needs of the intended audience

  • Begin with a clear introduction that introduces the text (name of author, text, publication date, and context) and engages the reader

  • Organize a cohesive review where all sections/paragraphs support the judgment

  • Organize cohesive paragraphs/sections where each paragraph/section has its own idea, or its own clear function within the overall plan of the review

  • Create transitions that logically and smoothly connect ideas

  • Write an effective conclusion that makes your judgment clear and provides a sense of closure

  • Choose language appropriate for the intended reader

Subject English
Due By (Pacific Time) 10/31/2014 11:59 pm
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