Project #45575 - System Analysis and Design

1. Following information has been collected from a JRP session where the

Department Chairpersons and Principal teachers met to come up with requirements for building a data model for all departments of their college:

• A course is offered many times and each offering belongs to one


• There is one principal teacher per department and every department

is managed by a principal teacher

• A teacher can teach many different courses and each course can be

taught by many teachers

• Each teacher may be involved in non-‐teaching projects and courses

may have not yet been assigned a teacher

• A course may have other courses as prerequisites and each course

may be a prerequisite to many other courses

• A teacher can have many students and many courses can be taught

by a teacher. Every registered student has to take a course.

1. Identify all the entities in the above scenario (10 points)

2. Define attributes of each entity (10 points)

3. Draw Cardinality diagram for each bullet point above (10 points)

4. Resolve all the many to many relationships by resolving them into First, Second and Third Normal Forms. (20 points)

2. An Online Movie Rental Company allows members to play or watch


Following are the use cases they have defined.

• Register new customer

• Member Sign in

• Browse for Movies

o Search by genre

o Search by actor

o Search by director

o Search by movie

• Watch selected movie

• Add movies to the queue

• Ship DVD

• Check for return of DVD

• Send next movie in the queue

1. Identify all the actors in the above scenario (10 points)

2. Categorize each actor in to one of the 4 types: Primary Business, Primary System, External Server and External Receiver (10 points)

3. Draw a use case diagram with actors and use cases using extends, includes and depends on relationships. (30 points)

Subject Computer
Due By (Pacific Time) 11/05/2014 12:00 am
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