Project #45288 - Physical assessment in nursing



1-Identify and explain the physiologic changes that lead to bowel dysfunction in older adults.

2-why it is important to assess milk tolerance in older adults.

3-List the risk factors for colorectal carcinoma. Identify what educational focus is most important for this disease.

4-Name the antigen used to detect prostatic tumors at a more favorable stage

5-What additional procedure can be used to indicate areas of the prostate that require biopsy when the PSA is borderline.

6-While you are examining a 1-year-old girl, the mother mentions how eager she is to begin toilet training her child.

 How should you respond? When is it best to begin toilet training?

7-A 3-year-old boy has had anal itching that becomes worse at night.

 What do these symptoms indicate? 

8-You are assessing a pregnant woman who has had a fourth-degree perineal laceration.

 Why is it necessary to assess this patient’s anal sphincter function?

9-You are about to perform a rectal examination of an older adult.

 What is the suggested position for this patient?

10-What do the rectum and anus form?

11-Control of the external anal sphincter is gradually achieved at what age? 

12-Name the positions that the rectal examination may be performed on the patient.

13-What is a clue to the diagnosis of Hirschsprung disease?

14- Differentiate between internal and external hemorrhoids. 

15-What symptoms are associated with benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH)?

16-List the risk factors for colorectal cancer.

17-List the risk factors for prostate cancer.

18-What do persistent, pencil-like stools suggest? 

19-Distinguish between the stool of a formula-fed baby and a breast-fed baby. 


Questions must be answered in APA format

Subject Medicine
Due By (Pacific Time) 10/30/2014 12:00 am
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