Project #45227 - Word/Excel/Powerpoint Project

Final Project Instructions and Topic

In this course, you will be required to complete a Final Project. This will consist of integrating a Word document, an Excel spreadsheet and a PowerPoint presentation. This project must meet certain criteria. I strongly urge you to get started on the project as early in the term as possible. Allow yourself ample time for researching your topic, gathering your data, and designing your presentation. Please don't hesitate to email me with any questions or concerns you may have regarding this project or enter a post in the Open Discussion Forum.

These files must meet certain criteria. Please refer to the Final Project Criteria lesson for these criteria. You will also see a grading rubric that identifies what I will look for when I grade your project, as well as how you should critique your project.

Important: Your final project is weighted at 15% of your grade. You must meet your due date. Continue to check your calendar for due dates. Your project will be submitted as three separate files in one upload session in the drop box. Do not upload your three files at separate times.

As you know, time management is important in online courses. You should work on your project throughout the term as you complete the units on Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Please do not wait until the midnight hour to start this project.

Email me with any questions or concerns you may have regarding this project, or enter a post in the Open Discussion Forum.

A list of topics is below. Be sure to select a topic that interests you and that allows room for exploration and research. All of the topics center on money management and ultimately, self-management. Please select from one of these topics and email your instructor your choice.

As you can see, there are several topics from which to choose. I have left these topics rather broad to enable you to use your scope of imagination and to tailor the topic to your individual situation and interest. This final project is highly personal! I look forward to reviewing your project. Please choose from the following list of topics:

1.     Managing Credit Card Debt

2.     Living with a Budget

3.     Renting an Apartment

4.     Buying a House

5.     Buying a Car

6.     Financing My Education

7.     Budgeting for a New Baby

8.     Day Care for My Child

9.     Preparing for a (________) Fill in the blank with your choice: Hurricane, tornado, fire or other emergency/disaster.

10.  Health Insurance

11.  Property Insurance or Life Insurance

12.  Eating Out vs. Eating In

13.  Healthy Meals for My Family

14.  Smoking: Should I Quit?

15.  Physical Fitness Program

16.  Weight Loss Program

17.  Managing A Chronic Illness: (_______) Fill in the blank with your choice: Diabetes, Asthma, Lupus, Arthritis, High Blood Pressure, and Migraine Headaches. You may also submit another "chronic illness" for your instructor to approve.


Final Project Criteria and Grading Rubric

Your Final Project will consist of a Word document, an Excel worksheet and a PowerPoint presentation. Your files must meet the following criteria:

Final Project Instructions and Topic

In this course, you will be required to complete a Final Project. This will consist of integrating a Word document, an Excel spreadsheet and a PowerPoint presentation. The instructions are below. For more info regarding topics, please see the Final Project Info document.

Word Document

Your Word file is your report on your topic. Your report should contain an introduction to your project and perhaps why you selected this topic and why you think it is important. Your Word file should include the points you are making about your topic. Like any report, your file should contain a conclusion as well. Your Word file should meet these criteria:

1.     No fewer than two pages long and no more than three pages long.

2.     Title using Word Art, centered.

3.     Body text in 12 point Times New Roman, left aligned.

4.     Margins 1 inch; left margin 1.5 inch.

5.     1.5 spacing; first line of paragraph indented 10 spaces.

6.     Section headings, bold, left aligned.

7.     Include one bulleted list using your choice of custom bullets.

8.     Include one Word table, consisting of at least three rows and two columns, with shading, a border, and a title centered in merged cells across the top of the table. You will embed this table in your PowerPoint presentation. (Refer to the Integration sections in your text.)

9.     Include one use of italic font and underlining.

10.  Insert one clip art, sized and aligned appropriately.

11.  One example of a Font Text Effect.

12.  Footer at bottom right margin to include your name and date.

13.  Include one hyperlink (perhaps to a web site you used as a reference source).

14.  Include a linked chart from your Excel file. (Refer to the Integration sections in your text.)

15.  Check for accuracy in spelling and grammar.

16.  Include a Reference page listing the resources you have used in your paper. Note: Plagiarism is not tolerated. Evidence of plagiarism will result in a failing grade.

17.  Save your file in normal view.

18.  Save and submit as FInitialLastNameWordFinalPRoject

Excel Worksheet

Your Excel spreadsheet will include data that will support your report on your topic. For example, if you selected the topic Dining In vs. Dining Out, perhaps you would compare and contrast costs of certain meals and how much money you would save/spend over a period of time. If you select Budgeting for a Baby, perhaps you would prepare a list of estimated items you need to purchase in advance and what you might expect to spend during the first year of the child's life.

Your Excel spreadsheet must meet the following criteria:

1.     Name your beginning worksheet 'Documentation' - include your name, title of report, and current date.

2.     Column headings and if appropriate row headings in bold font.

3.     Include at least 2 different arithmetic operator formulas (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division).

4.     Demonstrate the use of SUM or AUTO SUM.

5.     Left align text, right align any currency text.

6.     Resize columns and rows to fit text.

7.     Apply Freeze Panes Option to either a row or column.

8.     Include a title in bold text for your spreadsheet, merge the cells and center over your spreadsheet.

9.     Include a background image, a graphic, or an auto shape.

10.  Prepare a Chart (i.e., pie chart, bar chart, line chart, etc.) using data in your file.

11.  Link this Excel chart in your Word document (Integration).

12.  Delete any unused worksheets.

13.  Be sure to check for accuracy.

14.  Save your file in landscape orientation.

15.  Save and submit as FInitialLastNameExcelFinalPRoject

PowerPoint Presentation

Your PowerPoint presentation will highlight the important points you wish to make. Just assume that you are going to present your "report" to a group of people. The PowerPoint slides will enhance your presentation and will make your talk more interesting and effective.

Your slides must meet the following criteria:

1.     No fewer than 10 slides and no more than 15 slides.

2.     Slide 1: Title slide

3.     Slide 2: Objectives

4.     Last slide: Summary and/or list of references

5.     Apply more than one design template.

6.     Embed the table you created in your Word file in one of the slides.

7.     Use bullets and not sentences or paragraphs.

8.     Use at least two different types of slide transitions.

9.     Use at least two types of animation.

10.  At least one slide must contain a graphic, sized and placed appropriately.

11.  Set slide show timing so your presentation advances with mouse clicks.

12.  Be sure your font size and color can be clearly seen.

13.  Check your file for spelling, accuracy, and consistency.

14.  Save and submit as FInitialLastNamePPTFinalPRoject




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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/01/2014 10:00 pm
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