Project #45009 - Wood Uses in the Modern World

The assignment provides the student the opportunity to do an in-depth study of a wood product 

and examine its role in cultural development. Students can work independently or in teams of 

two for this assignment, to encourage thought and synthesis. For the assignment the student will 

be required to find and select a significant wood product or wood application. Findings will be 

presented to class in a 10 minute presentation (15 minutes for two), scheduled at end of term. 

Due to diversity of objects content may vary as required. Details of the project which should be 


a. Photographs of your object. “Show and tell” for presentation is encouraged (bring your 

object to the presentation if possible).

b. Identify the wood species in use (hardwood, softwood [at minimum]). Is this wood 

resource readily available? Discussion of supply versus demand, or cost due to its 


c. Investigate the application and suggest why wood is a suitable or unsuitable material 

from a physical as well as cultural perspective. Expand on the required properties for 

your particular application and how the selected wood (wood material) meets the 

application’s requirements. Discussion of attributes of the wood species used in relation 

to your object and its application. How important is the wood material to the application. 

Could other wood species provide same attributes? 

d. Discuss alternative materials can be used for this application or object. Why do you think 

wood was selected for your object/application? Include comments on the life-cycle 

implications of selecting wood over alternative materials. What will be the end of life for 

your product (landfill, burn, construction waste, museum, heirloom, etc.?) How long will 

this object be useful (1 year?, 100 years). Why will it become non-useful, or will it ever. 

Will it deteriorate or will its application be replaced by other objects or innovations. 

e. Where in “wood’s” cultural history has this application developed and why did it 

develop. Are these reasons valid today to justify its use or are different reasons 

applicable to its use today. Will this specific wood application continue to be important 

to society in the future, explain why or why not?

Written paper should be 7-9 pages typed double spaced. Photo’s, tables, figures, extra. Reference sources should not be from Wikipedia. 

Subject General
Due By (Pacific Time) 10/28/2014 12:00 am
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