Project #44483 - CRS in globalised world

TOPIC:  Business ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility & globalisation in the exploration of natural resources by mnc (multi-national corporations) 3000 words excluding referencing and cover page.

Task Description:

The goal of this major essay is to promote the development of critical reflective skills in order to analyse specific global-related issues, considering diverse perspectives and heterogeneous stakeholders in cross-national contexts that are shaped by global forces.

The unit of analysis of the major research essay combines the main topics covered during the course with specific issues developed in particular industries, companies and/or organizations in which global forces have created controversies, contradictions or competing views.

In order to facilitate the selection of themes, student must combine any three themes; two from column one and one from column two (see Table below).

Column 1

Column 2

TNCs & Globalisation

Agro-food industry & Fair Trade

The State in a global world


Global variations in State economic policies

Exploration of Natural resources

Civil Society, NGOs & globalization

Low cost manufacturing and Services

Corporate Social Responsibility & globalization

Global pharmaceutical industry

Business ethics in the global arena

Global electronics industry

Sustainability and Business

Specific developing/developed country case

A minimum of 20 academic journal articles &/or scholarly monographs (books) are required in this item. Web information and the textbooks can be used but are not considered to be academic journal articles. Textbook use must be keep to a minimum. Students who have difficulties to differentiate scholarly books from textbooks must contact course convenor for clarification.

In your analysis you must consider at least one of the two following questions:
a. How have particular globalisation forces affected/influenced the issue you are studying.
b. What are the ethical, CSR and/or sustainability implications of the issue you are studying?


Criteria & Marking:

Marking criteria:

(1) Theoretical and conceptual understanding. Appropriate choice & use of concepts & theories to analyse the issue you have selected.

(2) Research depth and quality. Use of supporting information and academic sources; range and quality of empirical information presented; relevant practical examples described and linked to relevant theories.

(3) Application of concepts and theories. Theory is applied appropriately to provide an appropriate analysis of the selected issue. The essay uses theory and data to aid to understand the reserach issue.

(4) Structure and Style. Logical argument and essay structure with clearly defined issues and links to relevant empirical evidence; appropriate premises identified; comparison and weighing of information with valid conclusions drawn; clear flow of ideas (eg. start to finish, paragraphs flow clearly to the following paragraph).

(5) Presentation. Writing style facilitates reader's understanding; concise; not repetitive; appropriate format; word limit; on time; typing; spelling; grammar; referencing style


Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 10/31/2014 04:00 pm
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