Project #44279 - Physical assessment in nursing

    Midsagittal view of the female pelvic organs.

1-Identify and explain positions other than the lithotomy in which a pelvic examination can be performed. 



2-You are about to conduct a pelvic examination on an adolescent girl. 

What should you take time to do before carrying out the examination?


3-A 12-year-old girl is experiencing a vaginal mucus discharge.

  What can you tell this girl in order to decrease her anxiety?


4-A new mother is frightened by the appearance of blood-tinged mucus at her newborn daughter’s vaginal entrance.

 What response can alleviate this woman’s anxiety.



5- A 58-year-old woman on estrogen replacement therapy is experiencing irregular bleeding.

     What type of examination is necessary for this patient?


6-An older woman who has stopped regular menstruation asks whether she can still become pregnant.

 What is the best response you can give this patient?


7-The labia minora enclose the area designated as the vestibule. Name the six openings of this area.

8-What is the name of the tissue that separates the anterior wall of the vagina from the bladder and urethra?

9-What possibility must you consider if in a child you observe vaginal swelling of the vulvar tissues, accompanied by bruising or foul-smelling discharge?

10-Describe premenstrual syndrome (PMS).



   Male pelvic organs

1-The mother of a newborn you are examining voices concern that one of her son’s testicles has not yet “appeared.” 

   a- What can you tell this mother to reassure her? What is the expected time for final descent of the testes into the scrotal sac?

2-A 60-year-old man asks you whether it is still possible for him to become a father.

    a-How would you respond to this patient? What effect does aging have on male fertility?

3-You are performing a genital examination on a 12-year-old boy who seems noticeably embarrassed and nervous.

       a-What communication measures can be included to decrease anxiety and facilitate the examination?

4-A patient has an erection while you are performing a genital examination.

    a-What is the best response to decrease anxiety and embarrassment

5-Describe the cremasteric reflex

6-What may a hard, enlarged, painless testicle indicate?

7-Define paraphimosis.

8- Explain Klinefelter syndrome

9-Which type of tumor is the most common cancer occurring in young men?

10-What is testicular torsion?

11-Which disorder of unknown cause and characterized by a fibrous band in the corpus cavernosum is generally unilateral and results in deviation of the penis during erection?

12- Which part of the male genitalia is a soft, comma-shaped structure located on the posterolateral and upper aspect of the testis in 90% of males and provides for storage, maturation, and transit of sperm?


Subject Medicine
Due By (Pacific Time) 10/23/2014 12:00 am
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