Project #44188 - Argument persuasive

My question is "Is affirmative action still a relevant policy today?" I would prefer for you to argue yes it is still a relevant policy, but it is still ok if you argue no.

My teacher is crazy so MLA in text citations and the works cited page have to be spot on. (I am saying this because the last person who did this was terribble in the citations)

I need to get an A in this paper PLEASE! 

I'll try to attach a sample argument paper

Basically the papaer has to be like this:

  1. opening/argument
  2. counter argument
  3. refutation

Below is the assignment my teacher gave me

Purpose: The purpose of this second paper assignment is to create a specific, persuasive argument 

showing support for the position you are taking on the topic based on the question you selected during the first 

week of class. It is also important to show the viewpoint of the opposing side and then to provide a refutation 

that explains why you still support your argument even if the opposing viewpoint has some valid points.

Due Date: Tuesday, October 21, 2014 (No papers will be accepted after the end of class)

Paper Requirements: The text of paper two must be 2-3 pages in length

 The paper one must be typed and formatted in MLA style.

 The paper one must also have attached to it an MLA works cited page that provides 

credit for each source used in this assignment (Please note: the MLA works cited page is in addition to the 2 - 3 pages of typed text).

Scoring Rubric: The total point value of paper one is worth up to 50 points or 5% of your semester 


 The point value will be determined by the following:

ï‚· Correct MLA Formatting of the paper’s text and works cited page

ï‚· Correct use of MLA in text citations

ï‚· Correct use of MLA works cited page entries

ï‚· Incorporation of relevant text that provides a history of your topic

ï‚· A minimum of 4 sources must be used

Subject English
Due By (Pacific Time) 10/20/2014 12:00 am
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