Project #4403 - Essay Paper / project

Write  a 10 page research essay  paper the paper must be wrriten in apa style essay on the security of health dtat


The importance of health information being protected


you must inculde a refernce page and abstract page and title page


these are sepretage pages from the 10 



For your research paper, you should identify an issue associated with achieving this objective. The issue may be an implementation barrier, a strategic intent, or a legal/regulatory requirement.

The first part of your paper should summarize factually the literature you reviewed in preparation for writing the paper. The second part of the paper should reflect your ability to think critically and creatively. Analyze what you have read, and state your own opinions and recommendations for organizations addressing this issue.


Cite all resources used in developing the content including web sites and other media.


these are sub topic s that neededto be put in the reserch page i need refennces i, no plagarism    Security of Health Data

    • Access – who needs access
    • Devices – what technology is available to use
    • E-Health Issues
      1. Connecting with the Healthcare Consumer
      2. Physician E-mail
      3. DigitalMedicine

Disaster Recovery


2nd part of assigment 


Project Objective: Many evidence-based guidelines are publicly accessible. In this assignment you’ll discover a large public database of guidelines and learn how to find one that you need to evaluate the appropriateness of a particular treatment intervention.  



Assume you are the office manager in large outpatient clinic. It seems that a new osteopathic physician who recently joined the clinic has ordered TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Stimulation Units) for three of his patients who have chronic low back pain. The physician feels that TENS therapy is very helpful in reducing chronic pain in the lumbar & thoracic areas. The patients’ insurance companies (Blue Cross, Aetna, and Cigna) are refusing to pay for rental of the TENS equipment. According to the insurance companies, TENS is not considered a standard acceptable treatment for chronic low back pain.


The other clinic physicians have never ordered this type of treatment for patients with back pain and the business office supervisor doesn't know how to respond to the insurance coverage denials. The supervisor asks you to research treatment of patients with chronic low back pain to determine if TENS is considered an appropriate treatment modality based on scientific evidence or professional consensus.  




1.        Search the National Guidelines Clearinghouse ( to locate a recently published clinical practice guideline that addresses the treatment of patients with chronic low back pain and use of TENS for this condition. Limit your search to guidelines developed and published by a U.S. source and listed in the National Guidelines Clearinghouse database.  


2.        Write a memo to the business office manager that includes the following information:

a)    Description of the issue that prompted your research

b)    Title of the guideline you found and group that published the guideline

c)    Year the guideline was first published and if it is has been reviewed or revised since first published, the latest review or revision date

d)    What the guideline recommends about the use of TENS for patients with chronic low back pain.

e)    Suggested course of action for the business office supervisor, e.g. should the insurance payment denials be challenged or not? If the denials should be challenged, what evidence supports the use of TENS for treatment of chronic low back pain? If the denials should not be challenged, why not?


Upload your memo to the assignment drop-box. Remember to include your name at the top of the document. 


There is no particular format required for the memo. This assignment will be graded according to compliance with instructions, demonstrated effort, ability to accurately interpret guideline recommendations, and spelling/grammar







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Due By (Pacific Time) 04/18/2013 12:00 am
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