Project #43711 - Need my paper reformatted to a "letter to editor "


Below is the asignment, iattached the first letter i wrote but was not accepted.

Writing a Letter to the Editor or Opinion Article

  • Decide which response is best.
    Letters to the editor are short and concise, generally under 125 words in length. Opinion articles tend to be longer (up to 250 words) and are often authored by community and business leaders, policymakers and scholars.

  • Be brief and specific.
    State your purpose for writing at the beginning of your response. If your response pertains to a previously published article or editorial, refer to it specifically. It’s best to stay focused on one topic, especially for letters to the editor. Remember to keep your letters to the appropriate length.

  • Stick to the facts.
    Referring to documented studies and statistics in your letter will enhance its effect, but don't overdo it. Only make statements you can back up with hard facts and avoid personal attacks and insults.

Submitting a Letter to the Editor or Opinion Article

  • Be timely.
    When responding to articles or editorials, submit your response within two to three days. When writing a less specific article, submit it when the topic appears pertinent to the issues the newspaper is covering.

  • Publications often verify authorship.
    Include your name, address and telephone number when submitting your article.

  • Address your letter or opinion article to “Dear Editor.”
    Check the opinion page of the newspaper (either in the print edition or on the newspaper’s Web site) for the appropriate e-mail, fax or mailing address for sending your letter or opinion article. Also check to see if the newspaper has any specific guidelines for submitting responses.

  • Do not be discouraged if your letter is not published.
    Most publications receive more letters than they can print. Unpublished letters are still read by the editors and can help them determine which topics should receive more attention.


    Today's Assignment

    Are you ready to write a response?

    Once you have chosen your article, write a response that follows the guidelines at the beginning of the lesson.

    Submit this response as a document, correctly named Lastname, FirstInitialCOM12-1, to the corresponding assignment.

    You are not required to actually send your response to the columnist or the paper. In fact, I would advise that you wait for your teacher’s comments before you actually send it to the newspaper.

    You will be evaluated on completion:

    • 5= above average
    • 3= average
    • 1= try again

Subject English
Due By (Pacific Time) 10/18/2014 12:00 am
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