Project #43554 - first paragraph analysis only

Analysis of a Text Essay

Assignment Learning Outcomes (what you should be able to do after completing this assignment). The student will be able to:

  • Write an analysis of a reading that includes an identification of the rhetorical situation and the parts of argument

  • Write an essay with an effective introduction, body, and conclusion

  • Write cohesive paragraphs

  • Produce writing that has been edited and proofread

Overview of your Task:

Read through all and then choose one of the below readings. Choose whichever reading is the most interesting to you:

  • "Bring Manufacturing Back to the United States" by Lee Terry (Feb. 22. 2013, US News and World Report)

  • "Hollywood and PC History" by Fred Thompson (Feb. 2013, National Review)

  • "Overwhelmed and Creeped Out" by Ann Friedman (Feb. 2013 The New Yorker)

Once you've chosen your reading, then read it multiple times while annotating and working to thoroughly understand it. Then, you will move on to write. You need to write a 4-5 page essay (double spaced) that analyzes your chosen article in all of the following ways:

  • Identify and explain the rhetorical situation surrounding your text (audience, tone, and purpose) – and provide examples from the text that demonstrate how you know.
  • Identify and explain the parts of an argument found in your text (claim, evidence, assumption, opposition, and qualifiers) – and provide examples from the text that demonstratehow you know.
  • Identify the types of evidence the author uses (logical, ethical, and emotional appeals) – and provide examples from the text that demonstrate how you know.
  • State whether or not you think the author accomplishes his/her purpose – and provide examples from the text that demonstrate how you know.
  • State whether or not you feel the author created an effective argument given the rhetorical situation – and provide examples from the text that demonstrate how you know.

NOTE:  Notice that you are not being asked to write your own argument about your own topic.  Instead, you’re being asked to analyze the argument made by another author (and you will use argument strategies to do it!)

Formatting and Submission:

For this assignment, please double-space, use 1" margins, and 12 point font. Save your file as a .doc or .docx or .rtf file type so it can easily be opened. You will need to upload your file to the drop-box marked "Analysis of a Text Drop-Box" area of our class webpage. No late papers will be accepted.

Grading Criteria:

This assignment is worth a total of 100 points and breaks down like this (note that there is an interactive grading rubric in our online classroom that will be used, but it contains the below information -- to see the rubric, go to the Analysis drop-box):

·      Identify the rhetorical situation of the article which includes examples/evidence to support analysis including specific identification of: Audience, Tone/style/form/genre, and Purpose

·      Identify the parts of an argument in the chosen text and include examples/evidence to support analysis (includes identification of the  Claim – thesis, main point; Evidence – including logos, ethos, and pathos; Assumptions the author makes; Addressing the opposition; Qualifiers the author may use)

·      Identifies whether or not you feel the author created an effective argument for the rhetorical situation and accomplished his or her purpose by using examples to support your analysis. (Do not include your own opinion on the topic, only evaluate the writer's choices.)

·      Write an essay that has a clear introduction including the name of the author, text, date, and place of publication

·      Organize a cohesive essay where each paragraph clearly relates to the essay’s main idea

·      Organize cohesive paragraphs where each paragraph has its own clear function and uses the PIE paragraph structure

·      Organize among and between paragraphs by crafting clear transitions between sentences and paragraphs

·      Write an essay that has an effective conclusion

·      Choose language and vocabulary appropriate for an academic audience such as your instructor or your classmates

·      Write grammatically correct prose  Note: If this category is marked below “Average,” then the paper will not earn higher than a 2.0 grade

Subject English
Due By (Pacific Time) 10/14/2014 05:00 pm
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