Project #43181 - Basic Concepts in Statistics


Week 8 will serve as your introduction to one of the end products of this course of inferential statistics... hypothesis testing. This is where all of the rules we learned for collecting and defining sample data are used to actually make decisions based on the inferential statistical values we have derived from the sample data. This basic course is just the beginning of the world of decision making based on inferential statistics that awaits you in your chosen field of study. Inferential statistics is used in every discipline, and nearly every facet of our lives is influenced by some decision made using inferential statistics.

The final concepts you need to understand for this course will serve as an introduction to correlation and regression analysis. You will learn how to know if two behaviors are related to one another, and how strong that relationship is... mathematically speaking. We will use the concepts learned in Week 2 on paired data and scatter plots to determine a linear trend indicating correlation. With the existence of a strong correlation we can use the scatter plot values to determine the equation of the "best fit" line, called the regression line. The regression equation can be used for predicting the value of a dependent variable based on the value of an independent variable.

We skipped sections in the textbook dealing with inferences on proportions and variances, but they are done basically the same way we make inferences about means. We also only made inferences on one population mean. More advanced courses will look at these concepts and expand it to comparing two or more population means. Having learned the basic concepts of statistics, you should pick those procedures up very quickly.

WEEK 8: Hypothesis Testing/Correlation and Regression

Weekly Objectvies:
The student will be able to...

1.            Define the basics of hypothesis testing by using one-sample procedures for the hypothesis test of the population mean.

2.            Define the purpose of regression and correlation analysis.

3.            Apply linear regression analysis and simple linear correlation analysis.

  Perform hypothesis tests involving one population.

  Compute regression and correlation of Bi-variate data.

Activities and Assessments:

Class Activities and Assessments this week will include the reading assignment; discussion question and response postings; an online MML homework assignment; the online MML Quiz; and the Final Exam. See information below for instructions.

a. Readings:
Read Chapter 8, Sections 1, 2, 4, and 5, and Chapter 10, Sections 1 - 3, from the text, the lecture files in this week's course menu, and view the multi-media presentations in Sections 8.1, 8.2, 8.4, 8.5, and 10.1 - 10.3 for these chapters.

b. Discussion Thread (10 pts)
Answer a question from the list of questions. The directions and the grading rubric are located in the Discussion area and the Course Overview.

c. Discussion Thread (5 pts)
Respond to a classmate's answer posting. The directions and the grading rubric are located in the Discussion area and the Course Overview.

d. Homework (15 pts)
After completing the reading activities and skill practicing go to the MML "Homework" link below and complete the online assignment.

e. Quiz (20 pts)
Your last assignment for the week is a quiz. Go to the MML "Quiz" link below and complete.

f. Final Exam (175 pts) 
The Course Assessment for this course is a final exam.  You will be allowed 2 hours to complete it in a proctored setting. You may use a hand-held, non-graphing, non-programmable calculator.

Hypothesis Testing



Do homework.
Take quizzes & tests.
Work in your study plan.

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