Project #42729 - Annotated Bibliography

Please do not be overwhelmed with the amount of information below. It is just the steps to get to the website and complete the action for looking up the information. 

*Assignment: Select one theory from the list below and create an annotated bibliography for three articles…provide one paragraph for each article...


Steps provided below*

Steps to get to the site to view the articles:

1. Go to the UMUC Library at and click on “Search by Subject.”

2. Take a look around the UMUC Subject Guide to familiarize yourself with the kinds of topics being investigated in the mass communication field.

3. Choose a mass communication theory or set of theories that you have found interesting in your reading for this course from among the following:

Theories (Pick 1)

·         Media and society theories: Information/Innovation Diffusion Theory (Rogers), Agenda-setting (Shaw, (McCombs), Framing, Priming, Media System Dependency, Knowledge Gap, Symbolic Convergence, and Media Intrusion Theory.

·         Audience theories: Uses and Gratifications, Reception Analysis, Phenomenistic/Reinforcement Theory (Klapper), Consistency Theory, Information Processing Theory, Two-step Flow Theory (Lazarsfeld, Hovland), Narcotizing Dysfunction, and Spiral of Silence.

·         Media and culture (meaning-making) theories: Pragmaticism, Social Semiotics, Symbolic Interactionism (Mead), Social Constructionism, Cultivation Analysis, Mean World Index (Gerbner), and Cultural Imperialism (commodification of culture).

·         Mass society theories: Magic Bullet (Hypodermic Needle) Theory, Elite Pluralism, Propaganda (Lippmann, Lasswell, Bernays, Ellul).


4. Click on the button for databases in the UMUC Subject Guide. Using one or more of these databases, explore the peer-reviewed journals for research on the mass communication theory(ies) that you selected from the list.

5. Narrow your investigation by asking yourself, How does knowledge and understanding of this/these mass communication theory(ies) enhance my media literacy?

o   Pick an area of concentration to focus on within the mass communication theory(ies) that you selected from the list and formulate a thesis in response to this question.

6. Select three articles about the mass communication theory(ies) you selected from among the peer-reviewed journals in the UMUC databases. The articles should discuss mass communication theories that support your thesis. 

7. Write an Annotated Bibliography for each of these 3 articles. Use the format for an APA-style annotated bibliography .

The assignment should be displayed as followed:

o   Begin the assignment by listing the theor(ies) you investigated.

o   List the database(s) you used for your search.

o   List the topics or keywords you used in your searches.

o   Write a 1 paragraph introduction to your Annotated Bibliography in which you state and explain the thesis you developed in response to the prompt, and describe the reasons for choosing the research articles that you did.

o   (Refers to Part 7 above) Write a paragraph about each article you reviewed in which you explain how it supports your thesis. This paragraph or “annotation” should be at least 150-250 words, excluding direct quotes from the source.

Example for paragraph needed for each of the 3 articles you choose:

·         Lax, E. (2000). Woody Allen: A biography (2nd ed). N.Y.: DaCapo Press.


o   Lax has written the only authorized biography of Woody Allen.  For more than 30 years, Lax has had full cooperation of Allen in discussions about the filmmaker’s professional endeavors and personal life.  In this book, he has integrated the development of the various forms of the Allen’s work (one-liners, TV sketch work, plays, essays and films) with his personal growth and relationships.  Originally published in 1992, this 2nd edition includes discussions of films since then and of Allen’s life since his contentious break in ties with actress and companion Mia Farrow.  This is an essential work for understanding Allen’s history and development from his point of view.

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