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please do The code of  Bedroom 2



Assignment  description:


Group Text Adventure Game

Only one member of the group needs to turn this in.

For this project, you will create a simple text adventure game. Your player should be provided with a game "world" that has the following features:
  1. Each group member should provide at least one function corresponding to an area/room to explore. Each room/area should provide the player with a brief description and objects or characters for the player to interact with.
  2. The game should have (at least) one value that tracks the player's progress (wealth, health, experience points, etc.).
  3. The player needs to be able to enter commands (a direction, identify an object to pick up, etc.)
  4. The game should "hold together". That is, it should have a consistent theme. Do not neglect your game's narrative -- try and draw your player in to the game world with an interesting story.
  5. You are free to use ASCII art from the web (provided you give credit to your sources in your documentation).
  6. You are free to go above and beyond the specifications above.


  • continue to practice using C++ decisions (if/else/switc)
  • continue to practice using C++ loops
  • design, implement, and test C++ functions


  1. Each individual group member's contribution (especially their room/area/function) needs to include their name. If you wrote the function, put your name in comments at the top of the function.
  2. Your program must compile and run without errors.
  3. Each individual's function must be substantial. That is, each function must have a description and offer the player choices to be made.
  4. The game must be playable
  5. The player must be able to enter commands or select menu options.
  6. Each room must have an object, character, or puzzle for the player to interact with
  7. The player's progress must be measured in at least one (1) way, such as a score, wealth, or health

Bonus Features

  • Add the ability to save the game so that the user can continue playing later.
  • Add a "high score" board.
  • Maintain more than one attribute for the player (for example both health and wealth).





This is what i should do with my group members



Group Project ideas and roles for each of group members:

Player starts off in front of a haunted mansion and is tempted by the idea of finding the motherload of candy stashes inside. So he goes inside.


A kid looking to collect candy

Kid’s name is Little Timmy, and it is a he not a she.

    Optional variable: Kid has a condition that makes him susceptible of having panic attacks and increased heart-rate, so consistent scary scares could kill him.  

    Optional variable2: Have keys or certain items required to use on certain objects, like find a crowbar to unbar a door or something, or a key to open a cupboard.

    Optional variable 3: Everytime player is scared +10% heart rate. if heart rate = 100% capacity, then game over.

    Optional variable 4: If player leaves, then show amount of candy collected. If player visits every room, then show amount of candy collected, “You’ve survived the haunted house”?



Rooms:  layout is below, write out name next to the room you will work on

Entryway - Colby


livingroom(familyroom) - Nathaniel

diningroom - Khang

hallway - Colby

bedroom2 - Alex

Possible Events:

    some events can be randomized? like a cupboard a player looks through can have a cat pop out or a ghost, something to scare the kid? so either the player is scared or they receive a certain amount of of candy.


Room Text /Story Pieces


Little Timmy enters the Entryway

[This part runs once he enters--->]

( The inside of the house is dusty, there is little sign of the place ever been clean in many years. Cobwebs dot the upper ceiling and dirt and leaves are scattered on the ground. There appears to be a small chest in one of the corners of the room along with a small coat closet that is making a small amount of scratching noises)

What will Little Timmy do?

  1. Explore the room

Little Timmy decides to explore the room, what area would he like to explore; the small chest in the corner or the coat closet?

    a.) Chest

        Little Timmy approaches the chest and notices it is unlocked. He opens it up to finds 2 pieces of candy. What luck and how preculiar. candy+= 2

    b.)Coat Closet

        Little Timmy approaches the Coat closet. The scratching sounds are now a lot more noticeable. What should Little Timmy do?

        i.) open the door

            Random event?←- will only run once

            A cat shrieks and jumps out and skitters down the hallway never to be seen again. Little Timmy’s heart rate has gone up. Heart++

            One of the old coats had a small chain dangling from it that rubbed against the door. At the floor of the closet sat 5 pieces of candy. Sweet! candy+=5

            Once event runs, this is only message that pops up

        There isn't anything in the closet anymore, just those coats again.

        ii.) leave the room (goes to 2.)

        iii.) look in another place (goes to 1.)

  1. Move to another room

The room branches out in what looks like 3 directions; the diningroom, the hallway, and what looks to be the parlor. There is also the front door Little Timmy can leave the house through.



Dining Room:

    Timmy walked passed the entry and noticed a table with 2 basket sitting on top of it.

        -check basket 1: rats pops out leaving him shook. heart++;

        -check basket 2: finds 4 pieces of candy. candy+=4;

    Timmy passed the diningroom, and walked into the kitchen.

    There he sees a frigde, freezer, and 4 cupboard ( of course he can reach them. haha)

        -(DOES THE CHECKING.)...

Code to help with the Group assignment

for (var count4 = 0; count4 < 6; count4++) {
 for (var count3 = 0; count3 < 2; count3++) {
   for (var count2 = 0; count2 < 11; count2++) {
     for (var count = 0; count < 7; count++) {
for (var count6 = 0; count6 < 11; count6++) {
 for (var count5 = 0; count5 < 7; count5++) {
Also i get this from my  Group should be help

We've been working a lot on it and are almost done. What you need to do is create bedroom 2. Our text adventure game is a scary house where they go around and search like 3 objects in a room, for example: drawers, cabinets, chests, closets, stuff like that. There player in the game is looking for candy. candy is hidden throughout the rooms, 1 or 2 per room. When there looking in whatever object the candy is hidden in, they either find something scary or a piece of candy. so put like a piece of candy in a chest then 2 scary things in a closet or under a table. Every time they get scared from one of the areas you're searching through there heart rate goes up 10%. Once they get scared 10 times, in other words their heart rate is at 100% from finding scary things in the areas, than they lose. We're using the global variables heart++ and candy++ everytime they get scared you'd put heart++ in your switch statement. Everytime they find a candy you put candy++. 
After they find a piece of candy or get scared, cout how much candy or how high their heart rate is.
For the heart rate you have to do this:
  cout << blah blah blah something scary happens << endl;
  cout << "You got scared. Your heart rate is now at:  " << heart << "0%" << endl;
  the 0% is so it looks like its going up by 10% each time when it's really just increasing by +1.
Candy's a lot easier. all you gotta do is:
cout << you found a piece of candy! You now have:  " << candy << "candies" << endl;
So create a room. Make 3 objects in it that you explore. Find a piece of candy. get scared a couple time

Subject Computer
Due By (Pacific Time) 10/06/2014 12:00 am
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