Project #42483 - Roman Project


Distance Education - Project 1


ARTS 1303 – Art History I




This is primarily an internet-based project.  You will complete the assignment using a website sponsored by PBS NOVA, your required course textbook and at least one additional source.  The results of your research should be included in one Microsoft Word document, typed and double-spaced.  The font should be no larger than twelve point and the margins no larger than one inch. 




The project is composed of three parts:  1.  answering questions based on the PBS NOVA website, 2.  creating a Hands-On component associated with the PBS NOVA website, and 3.  writing a short essay.




To complete this project, students will use a minimum of three sources composed of the appropriate PBS NOVA website, required course textbook and one additional source.  This additional source can be a book, journal article, museum publication/signage, or internet website.  Please note:  students should limit their internet sources to those of educational and scholarly institutions.  (Rule of thumb:  websites ending in “edu” or “org” are usually acceptable; those ending in “com” are not.)  Wikipedia is NOT an acceptable source!  If you have a question about your source, please don’t hesitate to ask.




As this is, in part, a research project citing of sources in Part 3 is REQUIRED.  This means students must use footnotes, endnotes or parenthetical citations.  This also means students must include a “Works Cited” page.  Be consistent in citing…choose one recognized method and stick with it. (i.e. MLA, APA, etc.)  Anyone not properly citing sources is guilty of PLAGIARISM.  This will result in, at the very least, a zero (F) on the project.  If in doubt, over cite…don’t risk it!










Part 1


Based upon the public television series – NOVA, visit the following website –




Once you have explored the site, answer the following questions (in complete sentences).  Use your own words…do NOT copy verbatim from the websites! 




  1. What was the function(s) of a Roman Bath (hint:  it was not just to take a bath)?
  2. Describe the following rooms in a Roman Bath:  Apodyterium, Tepidarium, Frigidarium, and Caldarium.
  3. The building of Roman Baths included huge amounts of concrete.  Describe the “recipe” and the use of concrete by the Roman Empire.
  4. Obviously water was needed for the Roman Baths.  This was supplied by aqueducts.  What would Rome and the Roman Empire have been like without their aqueducts?  (i.e. What did these water bridges mean to their civilization?)
  5. Arcades are a hallmark of Roman aqueducts.  Why did the Romans seem to have a love affair with arcades?
  6. Bathing is one thing, but what about consumption.  How good were the aqueducts at delivering drinkable water?






Part 2


After answering the above questions, you will complete the hands-on portion of the research project, which is culinary in nature.  Following one of the recipes for Roman food found on the website, create a (hopefully) tasty treat for yourself and a friend(s).  Then in a short essay (at least one page with introduction, body, conclusion) discuss the experience and include photographs of the event.  A minimum of three photographs -  maximum of five photographs is required. 




Part 3 – Citation required!


Choose one aspect of Roman architecture and write a “mini” research paper/essay (using the NOVA website, required course textbook, and at least one other source).  This “mini” research paper should be a minimum of two pages.  It must include proper citation!




Again, all three parts should be included in one Word document.  The project (as one Word document) should be turned in within the unit in Eagle Online by the unit deadline (see course calendar).




If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your professor.  We hope you will find this project informative and fun!










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Due By (Pacific Time) 10/09/2014 11:00 pm
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