Project #42280 - geology assignment

This assignment has three general goals.

You will get practice in:

i. Using the material we have covered in class and relating it to your own research on a particular


ii. Evaluating and using web-based and peer-reviewed resources for academic purposes

iii. Learning how to use citations and references for web-based and peer-reviewed sources



The report can cover either the physical aspects of the volcano (e.g., volcano type,

rock types, eruption styles, chemistry, topographic features, magma source, etc.) or the history of the

volcano (plate tectonic context of volcano, history of activity, current status of volcano, societal

aspects, e.g., impacts on communities, management of hazards, folklore about the volcano, etc.).

This is a scientific writing assignment, so it should still adhere to the principles of good scientific

writing: it should be factual, well-referenced, and readable. Your writing style should be similar to what

you would expect to find in an interpretive center or museum: anyone should be able to understand it,

but it should also be rigorous and full of information.

Acceptable resources include:

ï‚· Peer-reviewed publications of all kinds (e.g. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences)

ï‚· Government websites or publications (e.g. Geological Survey of Canada, Natural Resources

Canada, United States Geological Survey)

ï‚· Museum websites or publications (e.g. Smithsonian Museum, Canadian Museum of Nature)

ï‚· Websites of professional scientists with institutional affiliations (e.g. university websites,

American Geophysical Union websites)

Popular science publications like “Scientific American” or National Geographic” are NOT considered

acceptable for this assignment. Note that Wikipedia and its affiliates do not appear on this list. Neither

does “Joe’s website run out of his garage stating that the Earth is flat” or “100 ways to make your own

diamonds.” Anything on the Discovery Channel should be considered suspect until proven otherwise

and should never be used for academic writing (sadly).


The required citation style is NRC Reference Style. The pdf “NRC Reference Styles” is posted on

Moodle. It can also be found electronically at

under the “Parts of manuscript” link. The relevant citation formats for this assign assignment are

“Journal article” (also “with URL or DOI”), “Electronic citation” and “Citation including URL”. Note

that other classes will likely use different citation formats—pay attention to exactly what you instructor

ask if you want the best grade possible!




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Due By (Pacific Time) 10/12/2014 12:00 am
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