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Toniel Denegall RE: Prompt 1

I believe that this statement is saying that we should have different diverse culture. He is always saying that all have different of ways of looking at things in the world, but if we come as a community we can fix the problem and make it better. That every culture should have the freedom just like America does. I think he is saying that every culture should get along even if they speak in a language. That we should be able to speak each other language so we can communicate a little better. 

This statement is different now because I have seen many different cultures come together and help each other out. I still believe that people do have different opinions on how cultures are different from each other and still trying to get used to different people. Trying to learn about different cultures so that everyone could be educated and understand why everyone cultures is different from one another.

Cronon has stated, “Liberally educated people understand the power of community. They acknowledge that individuals cannot operate outside of the communities and that communities do not exist without individuals. “Education for human freedom, individualism is also education for human community”. I can agree with this statement because needs to know how much power we have if we work together. There is no such thing about working on your own. You need all the help you can get. If we can teach everyone how to be free then it can help out the community.



RE: Prompt 1-Chandra Russell

I believe what Gates is trying to relay in his article is that Western culture should involve several diverse cultures.  Freedom is available to all cultures and this is what America is all about (Muller, 2014).  I am not sure that I completely agree with Gates in the concept that American culture should be labeled as “a truly common public culture” (Muller, 2014).  Although I do believe that we should be accepting of all cultures, I also believe that we should not give up the Western culture of America. 

I believe different cultures can live amongst each other, respect each other, and appreciate what other cultures have to offer; but does this mean that Western culture should be made into a universal culture?  Sure it is great if America can be known as a universally culture accepting country, but Western culture is a big part of that.  The readings in this course have allowed me to have a deeper respect for all the diverse cultures that are all around us.  I do not believe we have to give up our culture, but rather learn to accept and learn from other cultures.  We can all enjoy the freedom that America has to offer.

Cronon’s description of being liberally educated is all about “gaining the power and the wisdom, the generosity and freedom to connect” (1998).  Being connected directly relates to Gates’ statement.  Providing the opportunity for an education that can bring other cultures together allows for a broader understanding and appreciation.  Cronon gives a great statement, “in the act of making us free, it also binds us to the communities that gave us our freedom” (1998).  I agree with this analogy.  A liberal education is necessary to fulfill our responsibility of keeping connected to our community and realizing our freedom.


I really do not understand where Gates is going with this statement but to my understanding Gates is saying that the Western culture is one of a community of diverse cultures. Many different cultures have come to know Western culture more than their own. Everyone has a right to learn about different cultures. I agree with Gates when he states, "Our society will not survive without the values of tolerance, and cultural tolerance comes to nothing without cultural understanding"(p.215). 

Living in America we have to learn how to get  along with different cultures so that we may learn from them , there are so many cultures have left their country to learn America's culture. If a person does not understand the values and morals of different cultures it would cause division and confusion so I feel it is better to learn about different cultures, respect their values and morals. I feel that if people would take the time out to learn about different cultures there would be not so much of division and when there is no division, different cultures can respect one another and appreciate what they have learned from other cultures.

Cronon (1998) has a good point when he says, "Liberal education is built on these values: it aspires to nurture the growth of human talent in the service of human freedom".  I agree with this statement in connecting with other cultures and learning from them. School is one of the opportunities for other cultures to connect with one another and learn about their values and traditions. Learning from different cultures helps a to understand and respect one another. Cronon (1998) says it to the point about how "Liberal education helps a person to explore and fulfill the promise of their own highest talents". We all have to realize that communication and understanding would help keep the community and world together.

If all cultures would communicate more there would be more understanding and respect for one another instead of all this turmoil in the world today.



After reading the article by Henry Louis Gates Jr, titled “Whose Culture is it, Anyways,” I would have to agree with his assertion that an education on the world’s cultures due to cultural diversity in the United States instead of just “western cultures,” should not be based on politics. But be considered an essential tool to the survival of our society by teaching values of cultural tolerance, which I view as critical for a liberally educated person in our multicultural sophisticated society. Being tolerant of each other and caring for each other is what makes us human. By teaching tolerance, we allow individuality and diversity while promoting peace and a civil society. Our success in the struggle of intolerance depends on the efforts we make to educate ourselves so that we can develop respect, acceptance and appreciation of the rich diversity of the world's cultures present in the United States.


Furthermore since we are all born, raised and enveloped in culture, I believe that reflection on the achievements of the world's great cultures to include the positive contributions of “western culture,” is central to learning. It allows us to better understand how to communicate with each other effectively, taking into consideration cultural sensitivity; and influences the way we receive information in the cultural context, which helps shape our thinking process.

Additionally, I believe that William Cronon article “Only Connect,” reinforces the suggestions of Gates recommendations when he listed the ten qualities of a liberally educated person such as practicing humility, tolerance, and self-criticism, being able to talk to anyone and understanding how to get things done in the world. One of the only ways we are able develop these qualities is by being educated on the achievements of the world's great cultures. William Cronon also stated that a liberal education is built on the values of freedom and growth which aspires to nurture the growth of human talents often resulting in a liberally educated person who has been liberated by their education to explore and fulfill the promise of their own highest talents (p1). Therefore I believe to obtain the necessary qualities to become a liberally educated person we should reflect on the achievements of the world's great cultures since the United States is where global cultures converge.



 Article: “Is Beauty Universal? Global Body Images”

 Why is it important or interesting? The obsession of how one looks across the globe, has a lot to blame of American Hollywood. This is very sad to me. You can’t get passed a line in a grocery store without seeing men and women’s magazines filled with sex garbage and how to “look better”. It is a money market. This is big business manipulating the image of people. They are air brushed in the magazines, and digitally manipulated in the movie and media industry. They make them look perfect but no one is perfect. My brother in law works for one of the largest post editing companies in Los Angeles, and his team themselves digitally alter all the movie stars bodies and skin. They can change size perception, blemishes, veins, and cellulite. The media affects men too. Change your hair, grow your hair, grow other body parts, etc. God did just fine in what He created. Humans are distorting the image God created so much that a lot of times a lot of what women wear is not agreeable to how they really look, and now even a lot of women are just “fake” all the way around-at least in California. To me we should be more focused on people’s minds, heart and character. Grow your spiritual walk, and educate your mind. How much time is wasted on “looking good”? Waste of time if you ask me.

Do I agree or disagree with the author? Why? The manmade ideas of beauty are getting translated and influenced all over the world. It is sad though how it is affecting the kids. That picture from China is very sad. People even buy “bleach” cream to lighten their skin. That is just about in every country. Looking lighter means “higher” class, which is a whole other very sad discussion in itself.

How can I apply this concept to my personal or work life? I think it is important to eat healthy and exercise. Taking care of the body God gives you. A healthy, fit body should be the natural consequence of a healthy lifestyle, not a goal to try to look perfect. But I do not think much attention should be paid to looks. Dress comfortably, not in fashion. My wife is natural, and doesn’t wear makeup. Her skin looks better without makeup in my opinion. I would like her to let her gray come naturally when it does come. She doesn’t dye her hair, and I don’t want her ever to. She is beautiful as she is, my best friend, and I will always be attracted and love her. God says “love the wife of your youth”….God even gets detailed in Scripture of what body parts to always love even as age takes hold.  Nothing fake. What is beautiful is growing old with your soulmate, the one God intends for you, your best friend-that is real beauty. I think it would be great one day if everyone looked at themselves and their loved ones as God sees them-and love people for their hearts, and enjoy them for their learned minds and character. Put the makeup industry and fake body surgeons out of business by a global boycott-that is what I think! Beauty is within.



First off  I agree with what Muller (2014) writes, "what is clear is that the very idea of American culture, in all its diversity, is so pervasive that it spawns numerous viewpoints and possibilities for resolution. After all culture is a big subject: it embraces one's ethnic, racial, class, religious, sexual, and national identity" (p.208-209).

Article: "Fundamentalism Is Here to Stay" and "A World Not Neatly Divided"

Top Learning Points: That Osama bin Laden was a disciple of Sayyid Qutb who was executed by Nasser in 1966 and that he was a moderate and a liberal and he developed an ideology of committed arm struggle against this threat to the faith. Also the more vicious the assault, the more extreme the fundamentalist riposte is likely to be. Osama bin Laden had a lot of hatred towards America that is why he bombed the twin towers. How can a person have that much hate to take other peoples lives, I will never know, but all this war and killing needs to stop.

I agree with Karen Armstrong because the fundamentalist are not going anywhere soon that fundamentalism is becoming more extreme in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. I agree with Armstrong because as a nation we must look carefully and study the actions a behaviors of those that want to destroy our country because of the hate they have for America. Armstrong (2005) states that, "In the Middle East, India, Pakistan, Israel and the United States the fundamentalist  and secular liberals form two distinct camps and neither of them understand one another", is this why there is so much anger between these countries because they are not trying to understand each other or they just do not want to understand, who knows what the problem is, only they know.

I also agree with Amartya Sen (2001)  that basically weakness lies in categorizing people of the world according to a commanding classification. If all cultures would try and learn about different cultures there would be a better understanding and respect for one another. Just because Islam does not get along with the U. S. why war about it. If countries would look beneath the problem and try to find solutions instead of war this world would be a better place. I feel that when someone categorize other culture that is disrespect and some people take it as a threat to because it robs them of their identity and culture.

How I would apply this to my life? I would give myself the opportunity to learn about different cultures and ask questions about what I do not know. I will respect and try and understand their values and meaning of the traditions that they hold in their culture.




The article "American Dream Boat" really made me think about how difficult it must be for two people with such different cultures to get married and create a combined family. Having to explain to someone else why you do things that you do in your culture can sometimes be difficult especially if the like in the article the Vietnamese have the groom's family bring them gifts and such. It had to be really difficult for the parents of both children to change what they are accustomed to. Hearing about their ride in the boat to America is amazing. It's amazing that we were so privileged to grow up here in the United States. This article and class has made me realize how lucky we are to be in the United States and have the opportunities we do have.

Another article I read was "First, They'll Come for the Burkas" and this article really goes along with what is happening today and what we see almost everyday. People in the American culture have a different way of dressing unlike any other culture. There are really no stipulations on what they can wear or what has to be covered up besides the basics. In other countries women have to keep everything covered up but their eyes just as a cultural norm. Some cultures it is a little less strict but still they are to be covered up completely. I know that the older generations are much more conservative than the younger generations in America. You don't see many older people dressing down or in shorts. I know that my grandparents for example were always dressed up compared to what I would call dressing down they were in slacks and shirts where as dressing down for me would be shorts and a t-shirt, just the different generations and cultural norms.


In reading American Dream Boat by K. Oanh Ha, it allowed me to think in depth about the obstacles that couples of different cultures must face.  It is difficult enough to marry within the same culture with perhaps a different religion.  For instance, my family is Baptist, and my cousin married a Catholic man.  Although a few family members had a reservations, we have all fully accepted him.  My cousin ultimately converted to Catholicism, and even though her mother and father had some difficulty accepting this, they were able to see that her daughter’s happiness was the most important thing. 

It is great that Oanh Ha’s fiancé was such a good sport in wanting to please Oanh Ha’s parents and their Vietnamese traditions.  I am not sure this is always the case.  Oanh Ha faced a great deal of friction from her parents by marrying a white-American, but she did not allow this to dissuade her.  She was still respectful of her family’s culture, while also fulfilling her dreams (Muller, 2014).

Oanh Ha’s father was concerned because so many Vietnamese women have divorced their white husbands (Muller, 2014).  I believe this is a valid reaction, and can see this as a realistic concern.  I am sure it is difficult to marry into a different culture, but if you love someone, you find a way to compromise and respect each other’s traditions.  This could possibly mean combining the two together at times to still feel connected.  The same concept could be applied to everyday personal or work life.  Love for human kind, no matter what traditions and cultures are possessed, can help connect and inspire.

In reading A World Not Neatly Divided by Amartya Sen, I realized how much truth is in the fact that we do tend to categorize people according to where they reside in the world.  It is an honest analogy when we tend to call the United States “Western civilization.”  It is human nature to have the tendency to group certain things together.  Unfortunately, it is also what encourages prejudice behavior.  If one small group of a certain race or culture tends to be thieves or vandals, our mind naturally associates that race or culture with that act, placing a label.  It is important to realize this misjudgment and the wrongful act of classifying a whole area as one type of civilization (Muller, 2014).  We may need to retrain our brain, but this will allow us to have a more realistic view in our personal or work encounters.

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