Project #41684 - Access Database

1)  Shown below are lists of animals and the people who own them.  Create a database which contains this data and properly maintains the relationships.  Please name your database "Assign1.accdb"


2)  Query your database to determine which animals have not been fixed.  Save your query as "Q1_2."


3)  Query your database to show all pets except the cats, and their owners.  Save your query as "Q1_3."


4)  Query your database to show all pets which are more than 7 years old, and their owners, in increasing order of age.  Save your query as "Q1_4."


5)  Query your database to show all the relevant information as it would be displayed in a flat-file format.  Save your query as "Q1_5."



Name         Species         Sex                       Color             Age                Fixed

Bob            Dog              Male                     Yellow           9                     No

Beatrice      Cat               Female                 Grey               5                     Yes

Fluffy         Turtle            Female                 Green             47                   No

Albert         Cat               Male                     Yellow           10                   No

Horse         Cat               Male                     Grey               3                     Yes

Cybil          Dog              Female                 Black             5                     Yes

Willie         Dog              Male                     Brown            7                     Yes

Goober       Goat             Female                 White             6                     No

Larry          Llama           Male                     Brown            4                     No

Laura          Llama           Female                 Brown            4                     No

Maggie       Dog              Female                 White             13                   Yes

Chloe         Dog              Female                 Black             3                     Yes

Willie         Cat               Male                     Brown            6                     Yes

Albert         Dog              Male                     Black             4                     No

Larry          Cat               Male                     Brown            4                     Yes


Owner                                    Pets

Molly               Hatchet           Fluffy the Turtle, Willie the Dog

Jim                   Dandy             Albert the Cat, Larry the Cat

John                 Johnson           Bob the Dog, Cybil the Dog, Horse the Cat, Willie the Cat

Molly               Johnson           Beatrice the Cat, Goober the Goat, Albert the Dog

Willie               Stargell            Laura the Llama

Andy               Dandy             Maggie the Dog, Larry the Llama

Jim                   Crackcorn        Chloe the Dog


Use the Pets database (that you created for Assignment 1) for the following exercises.


1)  There are four veterinarians in town to whom the owners take their pets, as listed below.  Create a table to hold this data.



Dr. Vern Blanston, 319 Martin St., 838-4603

Dr. Peggy Hill, 933 Hola Dr., 291-7225

Dr. Maggie Simpson, 1271 Pacifier Lane, 732-2006

Dr. Dale Gribble, 1225 Marlboro Ave., 481-8008


2)  Create the proper relationships to implement the following facts.  Make sure that your design is such that you don’t unnecessarily contain redundant data in your tables.


Molly Hatchet and Andy Dandy take all their animals to Dr. Simpson

Jim Dandy, John Johnson, and Molly Johnson take all their animals to Dr. Blanston

Willie Stargell takes all his animals to Dr. Hill

Jim Crackcorn takes all his animals to Dr. Gribble


Willie Stargell and Andy Dandy both take their llamas to Dr. Gribble

Molly Hatchet takes her turtle to Dr. Hill

Molly Johnson takes her goat to Dr. Gribble


3)  Enforce referential integrity for all relationships in your database.


4)  Ensure in your database that only certain values (dogs, cats, llamas, turtles, and goats) will be accepted for the species of animals.


5)  Query your database to show the name, species, owner, and vet for all animals, ordered by vets’ names.  Save your query as “Q2_5.”


Subject Computer
Due By (Pacific Time) 09/30/2014 08:00 am
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