Project #41632 - 3M Taiwan "Management of Technology

I have an assignment due soon I don't have time to do it. The assignment  is about a case called  "Case 3M Taiwan"

Case instructions

  • There are assignment questions available below to guide your analysis - but above all, your own observations, judgment and recommendations will count when reports and presentations are to be evaluated.
  • Reports in Powerpoint, Max. length of 16 slides.
  • Title of file: Case name (appreviation) last name
  • Report formatting professional and vivid
  • Structure: brief problem statement/overview, analysis, options & recommendations, conclusions, references
  • Plagiarism and freeriding will not be tolerated - cite correctly 

Case report evaluation

  • Show your thinking: the idea is to analyze the case, not to give a summary of the case desciption! Give a short intro, then go straight to point. You can assume that we have read the case description and know the setting of the case pretty well.
  • Depth and breadth of analysis: quality, diversity, innovativeness and relevance of your points made
  • Usage of course contents in your analysis: grounding your thinking onto course contents strengthens your claims and statements
  • Usage of course external sources: find academic articles to support your claims, cite correctly, report references
  • Managerial reporting: consultant style, good English, clear structure, use appropriate headings, tables, figures and bullets
  • Formatting: follow the instructions given! Reductions, if not..
Here are some assignment questions to guide your case analysis:

1. Should Chung proceed with the Acne Dressing project?

2. What options does Chung have regarding the launch of Acne Dressing?

3. What resources (if any) should Chung seek from headquarters and/or other subsidiaries?

4. Recommend a path forward for Chung.
As you can see the assignment is in slides and not pages will you be able to do it? Also which case solutions package should I buy? since it's slides I hope it's a bit cheaper. 
Thank you

Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 10/01/2014 12:00 am
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