Project #41538 - biology- genetics- mendelian theory of inheritance

1.) What genotype, when mated to a rose comb chicken will produce progeny that are 

50% walnut and 50% pea comb? 

2.) You are breeding rabbits and have developed a true- breeding line for a nuclear 

genes that causes them to have ears that are much longer than normal. Longer ears are a recessive phenotype. To characterize this trait you perform reciprocal crosses and get 

different results. In cross A you cross males with longer ears with normal eared females. 

The progeny of cross A all have normal ears. In cross B you cross females with longer 

ears with normal eared males, and all of the offspring have longer ears. You suspect that 

the ear phenotype is regulated by a genetic maternal effect, and so you cross female 

offspring from cross B with males that have normal ears. If this is a maternal effect trait 

what would you expect the phenotypes of the offspring from this cross would be? Identify 

the proportion for each type, and explain why 

3.) Bumblebees are a species with haplo-dipoloid sex determination that perform dances 

to tell their hive mates where to find food. An individuals dance pattern is genetically 

determined. Bees with the dominant allele for the genes that controls dance behavior 

perform round dances instead of spiral dances. The gene controlling dance behavior 

segregates independently from the gene controlling bee color, for which the dominant 

allele cause black body color and the recessive allele causes yellow body color. 

You provide a female heterozygous for both genes a potential male mate that has a 

yellow body and performs round dances. You later observe both male and female 


a) What is the genotype of male and female parents? 

b) What are the predicted genotypes and phenotypes of the offspring from this 

cross? Differentiate classes based on sexes of the bees .

4.) Haemophilia is a blood clotting disorder in humans that follows a pattern of X- linked 

recessive inheritance. A carrier female and affected male get married. What are the 

predicted phenotypes of their offspring? Differentiate classes based on sexes of the 


5.) In ladybugs, two alleles of one gene determine the character difference of red or white 

bodies, and two alleles of a separate, independently assorting gene determine the 

character of big or small body. Use the data from an experiment on mating below to 

answer the following questions:

*P cross  

Red, big body  X white, small body

*F1 generation

All red, big


*F2 generation

910 red, big

298 red, small

275 white, big

117 white, small

a) In thinking about body color, which trait is dominant? In thinking about body size 

which trait is dominant? 

b) Conduct a chi square analysis to determine if the experimental data are 

consistent with the expected outcome based on Mendel’s law. Remember to 

include a null hypothesis, the math, the number of degrees of freedom, the 

critical value and your conclusion .


Subject Science
Due By (Pacific Time) 09/29/2014 08:30 am
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