Project #41462 - European history

This week you will investigate the relationship between cultural nationalism, the 

nationalist movements of 1848, and Romantic music.

Your task is to create a wiki post on the nationalist movement in one particular

country. You will listen to a piece of music from a European composer that 

reflects the ideals of cultural nationalism in that country, and create a wiki post on 

your chosen composer and country. 

This web site introduces the topic of cultural nationalism and some famous 

Romantic composers and their music:

The documentary film, Land of Our Fathers, is a great introduction to cultural 

nationalism and music in various European countries. 

Choose one of the composers listed (or another, if you have a particular 

preference in terms of a country or composer) and listen to some of their music. 

Do some research on the nationalist movement in the country you have chosen 

and look for information on the connection between the piece of music, the 

composer, and the nationalist movements of 1848. For example, if you choose

Italy, you will likely listen to Verdi’s music and discuss Mazzini’s Young Italy 

movement; the documentary film will introduce you to many others.

Write a paragraph introducing the nationalist movement and prominent figures, a 

paragraph on the events that took place in 1848 (or before/after then, if that is the 

case), and a paragraph on the composer you have chosen and his/her work. 

Include the link to the piece of music (if possible), so that your classmates can 

click on the link and listen to it. Tell us about the significance of this piece of 

music and the role it played in the movement. 

You do not need to be a music expert to do this! Just listen to the music, read the 

words, and think about the place and time you are discussing. What sort of 

impact would it have had on you? 

Your entry should be 1 page in length (Arial 12-point font, single-spaced), and 

include at least paragraph or two on the historical events, some information on 

the composer and his/her relationship to the nationalist movement, and your own 

analysis of the music and its relevance. 

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Due By (Pacific Time) 09/28/2014 09:00 pm
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