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What is meant by "gender valued system"? If you take apart the phrase literally, it means an organism as a whole who puts worth on the condition of being male or female. This could truly be a topic for a research paper vs. a discussion but let's see what happens. In my humble opinion, there is a purposeful difference between men and women for several reasons but the most obvious being procreation. My Christian based beliefs, lead me to assume this intentional difference dates back to the very beginning of humanity when God looked at Adam and realized "It is not good for man to be alone." (Book of Genesis). Another biblical analogy I'll use is the belief God took a rib from Adam to create his female companion. I feel God chose the rib so as to assimilate it is meant for a woman to be by her man's side as equal partners in the relationship. Equal partners means different things to different people. I believe the biggest challenge comes when society as a whole tries to determine what "equal" means rather than allowing us each as individuals to determine our own worth. In this country, our forefathers purposefully felt woman were not equal to men and thus did not allow women a "say" (otherwise known as a vote) in how our country would be ran nor who would be best to run it. It wasn't until many people were jailed and even killed fighting for women's rights that we were finally given the right to vote in 1920 (131 years after the original constitution was written).

Opportunities come when ALL members of society value what both sexes bring to the table. This gives value to everyone and allows for us to work in unison to resolve problems and grow culturally. I was a single mother of two sons and a daughter for 6 years. Although their father and I divorced, we agreed to remain parenting partners for the good of our children. While I had a career, cooked, cleaned, nurtured, taught, disciplined, supported, loved my sons, I realized their father had one attribute that I didn't nor never would- I could NEVER teach my son's how to be men!!! Likewise, their father could never teach my daughter how to be a woman. We each have value and uniqueness to offer. 


As I see it and understand a gendered value system is one in which your gender depicts how you lead your life. For example, many years ago it was understood that the man went to work and the woman stayed home and took care of the house and children, same sex marriage was not acceptable, and men in the workforce took over the supervisor and physical work positions. Throughout the times, the gendered value system continues to change. Women are seen in the workforce and hold high positions in companies while more men are staying home with the house and children. Same sex marriages are being legalized in states and becoming more acceptable to society.

Challenges: The book discusses some of the challenges among men, women, and children. Issues of race, sexual orientation, and ethnicity complicate roles for women and men on a global scale (Muller, 2014).  In some nations women can be stoned to death for sex crimes, homosexuality can be punished by jail time and slave trafficking exists for women and children (Muller, 2014). The one thing that stuck out for me was in the article “Life on the Global Assembly Line”. Assembly line work in third world countries for products coming from and sold out of first world countries is still considered “women” work due to the fact that corporations can get away with paying them less. Its considered cheap labor.

Opportunities: Currently the United States faces legalization of gay marriage. In several states it is already legal and many are following behind them. The gay rights movement has been ongoing for a long time and we are finally seeing the positive impact of that movement. Equal rights movements are taking a forefront and discrimination is frowned upon. Women are able to hold the same positions as men. According to one of the articles, women are now posed to drive the post-recession world economy of $5 trillion in female-earned income (Foroohar, 2014). Worldwide however; men bring in double at 23.4 trillion. Although that still seems unfair, that gap is closing fast.


A gender valued system can be determined by the roles men and women take in a society. These roles can drastically change in different countries. In many areas there are different expectations of men and women. “Issues of race, sexual orientation, and ethnicity complicate the roles of women and men on a global scale” (pg. 149).

In the essay by Anna Quindlen, The End of Swagger the speech by Hillary Rodham Clinton reads,

If there is one message that echoes forth from this conference, let it be that human rights are women’s  rights, and women’s rights are human rights for one and for all. Let u not forget that among those rights are the right to speak freely-and the right to be heard. Women must enjoy the rights to participate fully in the social and political lives of their countries if we want freedom and democracy to thrive and endure (pg. 152).

Cultures treat women differently, many third world countries differentiate between men and women with lower wages and no education, and women are often treated as property. In some instances “governments advertise their women, sell them and keep them in line for the multinational ‘johns’” (p. 181). These women don’t have a chance. They are either working in horrendous factory conditions, barely paid enough to feed themselves or they are forced to work as hostesses or prostitutes. Women in America have rights, they have a voice and they have a government that supports them. This is not true in many other countries.

Gender roles in America have greatly changed over the years. Many families opt for a stay at home parent, either mom or dad. Some have both parents out on the job. In America, society has defined certain roles that have become gender specific. However there are many situations where we have reversed the roles. In my opinion, many women take on the full time job outside the house, and at the same time continue to control most of the roles defined by society. The overwhelming responsibilities of women in the United States has created a society of women who are pushed to the limits.


The gendered value system has changed completely from the old days. The rules were that the wives have to stay home with the children, while the husband are at work making money for the house. The wives always had to have hot plates of food set on the table for their husband when they come off of work.  The women did not have any education because they did not have time to do anything for themselves.  According to Muller, 2011, "In the United States, there are increasing numbers if American women in many professional field medicine, law, education, politics, and corporate life. And, with more men Mr. Mom staying home and caring for the children, either by preference or necessity, there is greater equality in domestic relationship." I like how it is now where it is equal for both men and women. 

In the article "In Africa, AIDS Has a Women's Face",  Annan discuss how women are infected either with HIV or AIDS. This is all happening because their husband goes with other women and bring it back to their wives. When the husband is sick, it is the wife's duty to take care of everything. This is causing the wife to become too. Once both of the parents are die the child has to go to an orphaned. This is a really sad situation because this country is too poor to get the medical care that they need. Therefore, everyone has to suffer from this until there is a cure. 

In the article, "The French, the Veil, and the Look", Sciolino discuss how women in Muslim have to cover their face and there are certain clothes they can wear. While the men can wear whatever they want and they do not have to cover their face. I feel that is not fair that happens. I feel that everyone should have the same rules and not different. I agree that people should dress in a certain way so they would not expose everything to people. But why do they need to cover their face? 

I feel that we do not have human rights anymore. In the article, "The end of human right" Hopgod had stated,’ “Yet despite this rhetoric of rededication and hope, the ground of human rights is crumbling beneath us. If we seem to have moved beyond "drama and moral clarity," it is only because we no longer know where we are going. In fact, a 150 year experiment in creating global rules to protect and defend individual human beings is coming to an end".   Which means that no one really follows the law anymore.  What is the point of having a law if people do not follow them?

In the article "Life on the Global Assembly Line", the author talks about how America is treating women and girls. They have women and girls working for a little bit of money. They do not have the men doing the jobs because they know they cannot sew or make anything. Just because they are women they think that they do not care about money like the men do. That is just not fair because they should be getting paid more than that because they are putting in a lot of time.

I do believe that it is going to get better and it would be equal for both. I have seen the changes in the old days and how it is now today.



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