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Short Answers


Activity 1

·       2

How would you go about confirming the purpose, required outcomes and style of conference required and what details might you need?

Activity 2

·       ‘Best Mate Dog Food Company’ is holding a conference to inform vets and pet shop owners about the latest results of scientific research into the dietary requirements of dogs. They also intend to promote their new range of dog foods. They have started to calculate their budget which is provided in the document here.

·       1 The projected variable costs have been calculated on the assumption that 600 people will attend the conference. However, when all the RSVPs have been received, only 480 people will be attending. Calculate the real cost of:

b)Sample bags


·       2 What is the real total of variable costs?


·       3 Using the projected costs and income, what is the minimum amount of revenue that needs to be raised to achieve a break-even cost?


·       4 Using the projected costs and income, what price will need to be charged per ticket to achieve a break-even cost if:

a)600 people attend
b)480 people attend
c)300 people attend

Activity 4

·       1 What issues should be taken into account when choosing a date for a conference?

Activity 6

·       1 What is a target group?


·       2 What factors affect the size of a conference’s audience?


Activity 7

·       1What are the benefits of having clear plans and procedures in place for the conference?

·       3

Select an event, conference or convention in which you have been involved (or will be involved) and devise a checklist that can be used to prepare materials and equipment required for delegate/ participant registration.

·       4

You are organising a meeting of dentists. Produce a list of items that can be produced for sale with the conference logo on them. Make sure you think about what dentists could be interested in. The items might be to do with that profession, for example, dental diaries; or they might be fun items, like a shark’s tooth pendant.

Activity 8

·       When could the following promotional methods be used to advantage?

a.    Trade press

b.    Local radio or print media

c.    Personal invitations


Activity 12

·       1 Identify the /resources/13627/ needs that hearing impaired or deaf conference participants might have.


Activity 13

·       What is the purpose an abstract?

Activity 22

·       Record the advantages and disadvantages of publishing conference papers in electronic or printed form.

Activity 23

·       List the types of correspondence that could be distributed after a conference.


Written / Oral Questions

Top of Form

·       1 List the possible purposes of a conference.


·       2 Identify whether the following tasks should be given high, medium or low priority:

a.    Ordering supplies

b.    Selecting a venue

c.    Securing speakers/ entertainment

d.    Preparing name badges

e.    Preparing conference handouts/ materials

f.     Organising sponsorship

g.    Developing a guest list


·       3 What questions should be answered in order to identify and analyse a conference’s target audience?


·       4 What details should be included in a conference brochure?


·       5 What are the characteristics of a good conference coordinator?


·       6 Explain why it is important for the conference program/ agenda to be accurate.


·       7 What should be included in a post-conference report?


·       8 Why do you need to be aware of culturally appropriate techniques when communicating with people from diverse backgrounds and with diverse abilities?


·       9 There are a number of key provisions of relevant legislation and regulations from all levels of government that that may affect aspects of business operations, such as:

o   anti discrimination legislation

o   ethical principles

o   codes of practice

o   privacy laws

o   financial legislation

o   health and safety legislation

o   consumer law

o   credit procedures legislation and regulations

Why is it necessary to have a working knowledge of the legislation involved in business? What is discrimination and, under anti-discrimination, by what characteristics is it unlawful to discriminate people?


Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 09/26/2014 12:00 am
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