Project #41038 - 2 English Homwork

Hey I need the first essay as soon as passible and the secound I not on hurry to get

Ad Analysis (200 Points)

For this essay, you will write an analysis of a magazine advertisement. You may write on

the ad of your choice, but you must be able to provide a link or attachment when you post

your analysis.

Situation: You work for an advertising agency or the company that makes the product

advertised and you are evaluating the ad for your employer. You will need to present a

clear thesis and then develop it. You should discuss the audience, tone, message, and

effectiveness of the ad, but not in a formulaic way. ONE clearly developed essay should

be turned in, and you can be as creative as you want. Note: "This is a really, really

good/bad advertisement" isn’t an appropriate thesis statement.

This essay should be 2-3 typed pages.

*Consider everything in the ad as a possible communicator: text, images, colors, location,

people (their clothes, appearance, expressions, etc.), activity, etc.



Documented Essay (300 Points)

For this essay, you will attempt to persuade an audience to accept an opinion as their own

or behave in a particular way. This is a position paper. You will choose a current, social

issue and write a persuasive argument explaining your views or position on the issue.

What’s something you feel strongly about and why? What’s something you could argue

against or something you could defend? This is your chance to state and explain your

position on an issue important to you. This essay must be documented with at least

three sources, two of which MUST be peer reviewed sources. You must use MLA

format which means documenting in-text as well as on a works cited page.

Topic Selection: This could be an issue related to your major or future profession or a

current (campus, city, state, national, or international) event, issue or debate: for example,

to attend NSCC, to stop smoking, to enroll in an online course, or you could persuade

against any of these issues. Make sure your topic can be argued. Watch out for topics no

one would argue against: Discrimination is bad; women deserve an equal chance; child

abuse must be stopped; don’t drink and drive, etc. Also, avoid writing about widely

controversial topics that are almost impossible to win (abortion, gun control,

euthanasia, legalization of marijuana). If these major controversies could be argued

effectively, we certainly would have them figured out by now.

Audience and Format: Choose one of the following options:

1. You are writing an article or editorial for a magazine or newspaper. Be sure you

know what publication and who its audience is.

2. You are writing a speech addressed to a certain group or organization. Be sure you

know who your audience at the event will be.

3. You are writing a letter to a specific person, organization, group, etc.

4. If you think of another way that you would like to present your position, let me

know and we’ll discuss it.

This essay should be 3-4 typed pages.


Indicate in a note at the top of your essay which option you have chosen.

Subject English
Due By (Pacific Time) 09/24/2014 01:00 pm
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