Enumerative data is data that is obtained from survey sampling or questionnaires utilizing categorical

responses. The number of respondents selecting each category (or level) of the response is enumerated

(counted). Frequency tables, both one-way and two-way (contingency tables), are constructed from these

results. The categories (response levels) for each question (variable) may be nominal (such as sex of the

respondent, sales district, packaging design, etc.) or ordinal (such as income bracket, age category, weight

bracket, production level category, etc.), but not interval or ratio (such as income, age, market value,

production rate, price-earnings ratio, etc.). Nominal implies only identification information whereas ordinal

implies a rank as well. Interval and ratio data values are obtained by measuring rather than counting

categorical responses. When using the computer to do the analysis, the variables are given alphanumeric

names and the response levels can be either alphanumeric (character variables) or numeric.

The Ace Appliance Company manufactures major home appliances to be distributed primarily as brand

name items at major department stores. Each product sold by the company requires warranty registration at

the time of sale. In order to investigate the effectiveness of its advertising, brand name recognition, and level

of customer satisfaction a random sample of recent purchases was obtained from the company's warranty

database. These people were mailed a questionnaire to fill out and return in a post-paid envelope. Although

many questions are asked, only three are of interest currently. They are as follows:

1. What is your household income?

A. $60,000 and up

B. $30,000 - $59,999

C. $0 - $29,999

2. How did you first become aware of our product?

A. TV ad

B. Radio ad

C. Printed ad in magazine or newspaper

D. Other (word of mouth, store ad, etc.)

3. On a scale of A to E, how would you rate your level of satisfaction with the product?

A. Very dissatisfied

B. Somewhat dissatisfied

C. Neutral

D. Satisfied

E. Very satisfied

Answer the following questions using the scale below:

A. Strongly Agree B. Agree C. Neutral/No Opinion D. Disagree E. Strongly


4. The sales staff that I dealt with were kind and courteous.

5. The store was easy for me to locate and there was ample parking.

6. I plan to shop here again the next time I need an appliance.

The 150 responses that were returned were entered into a data file. The data file is available and can be

downloaded from the web page.


A. Analyze the results of your sample survey using either SAS or SPSS and produce a

short report of your findings. In your report be sure to include the following:

1. A frequency and relative frequency table for each question.

2. One item of particular interest to management is the overall proportion of satisfied

customers. Report the proportion of respondents expressing some degree of

satisfaction with the product and construct a 98 percent confidence interval estimate for

the proportion of all customers satisfied with the product.

3. Also of particular interest to management is the effectiveness of their advertising

methods. In your report present cross tabulation (contingency) tables for advertising

method against each of the other questions asked. Does a significant association exist

between advertising method and any of these factors?

4. For all relationships you find significant in question 3, present either an r-way or a cway

relative frequency graph. Note: r = number of rows, c = number of columns.

Use the results of 3. above and your graph to explain the nature of the relationship(s)


5. Examine the other questions in the instrument to determine if any other significant twoway

relationships exist.


6. Can you make any recommendations to management based upon your overall results?

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