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In fourth- to eighth-grade classrooms, there are great books that could become the basis for instruction in fluency reading.

Choose one book and provide the title, author, and a brief synopsis.

1. Create a five-day mini-unit of study in which you unfold a plan for developing students' fluency.

2. Include at least five different activities and a minimum of one end of unit assessment within your five-day unit.

3. Recommended lesson plan templates would include SIOP, EEI and UBD, located within the Student Success Center.


Also, provide a brief overview of your mini-unit. This should be 500-750 words in length and summarize the major theme of the unit.




Have some of it just need it tuned up some.


                Steve Jobs: The Man who Thought Different


                The Book is written by Karen Blumenthal. It focuses on the life of Steve Jobs; the title comes from an Apple advertisement, ‘Think Different.”  The book focuses on the life of Steve Jobs who was the co-founder of Apple Inc., Next and Pixar. The idea that revolves around the book is how Steve Jobs achieved success through thoughts and embracing the thoughts which at the beginning seemed to be nonsensical. It is through these thoughts that Steve Jobs was able to build an empire that stands out as being a very innovative creation, this is achieved through the standards of his products and his ability to persevere defeat and discouragement.


The book begins with when Steve Jobs was born in February24th 1955. Steve was an adopted child to Paul and Clara Jobs, his childhood was mired with a lot of bullying since he had skipped a class. This forced him to move to many schools seeking a peace of mind. As a child Steve had a passion for technology and he would go to the Hewlett Packard Explorers club where engineers gathered to talk about their work and bounce ideas off each other.


The author therefore connects the dots of Steve Jobs life, from a child to his failures in the hone industry to the fall from corporate world in the 1980s. The period that followed was very murky, in the sense that his relationships and work were a mess all because of his actions. The climax of the story is Steve Jobs return to Apple; this was a game changer for him. The return saw Steve rise to become one of the most successful technology gurus of his time. All his fame is attributed to this period. The book is very detailed and a good read for eight graders and adults.








                                Mini Unit for Developing Reading fluency


Steve Jobs: The man who thought different, is an eighth grade mini unit designed to improve and assessing reading fluency.  The five day plan addressed in this mini unit embrace the Arizona Standards for 8th grade reading and writing. These standards are in place to ensure that students develop good reading skills, intonations. Further the readings are developed to promote sentence fluency and cohesion. The overall learning objectives of this lesson are well designed to conform and deliver the expectations set out by the standards.


                        Learning Strategies


The student will participate in and read aloud activity; this will help the tutor to effectively correct and develop the child’s reading skills.


            The student will then read the book in a group to effectively harness echo and choral reading activities.


            In addition the use of visual aids will be employed to make the reading more vivid and interesting, audio books will also be used to improve on the intonation of students.


            Lastly the students will do an interactive guided and writing assignment that is designed to promote the students memory and to improve on their weaknesses.


                        Building Background


            The development of a student’s reading abilities will be based on prior memory. That is to mean that the lessons will be designed in a way that a student builds new knowledge on the previously acquired knowledge, this is an effective way of ensuring that students improve on what they know through learning new vocabulary, terms and intonation.


                        Learning activities


            Students will learn new vocabulary on a daily basis through detailed instructions, the new vocabulary will then be used in sentence construction, to reinforce the understanding of the new terms.


            Students will be expected to develop a wall with new vocabulary, this will improve on their word power and fluency which will be developed through individual and choral reading techniques.


                        Review and Assessment


            This will be achieved through individual participation and interaction with the tutor, further the tutor will collect the guided assignments and grade them daily. This will be followed by instructions designed to improve the student’s weak points.


            Group participation will also be a basis for evaluation and self-improvement. That is to mean that students will read while taking turns to each other, hence improving their fluency through practice.




            Achieving fluency is vital for students and adults alike. Indeed it is a skill that is developed as each person grows and is determined on the level of exposure. It is therefore important for students in all grades to be exposed to materials that will foster the development of fluency literacy.










Blumenthal, K. (2012). Steve Jobs: the man who thought different. Macmillan.




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