Project #40749 - Molecular Biology

1. Outline the experiments of the following scientists and discuss their significance:

a. Frederick Griffith

b. Oswald Avery, Colin MacLeod, Maclyn McCarty

c. Alfred Hershey and Martha Chase

d. Matthew Meselson and Franklin Stahl

2. Identfy, etc.

a. Warren Weaver

b Central Dogma

c. Friedrich Miescher

d. Richard Altman

e. E. B. Wilson

f. Lawrence Stadler

g. Torbjorn Caspersson

h. J. T. Randall

i. Lawrence Bragg

j. Sidney Altman/Thomas Cech

3. How many base pairs in the haploid human genome?

4. What is the estimated number of genes in humans?

5. What is the estimated number of polypeptides made by humans?

6. What percentage of human DNA codes for polypeptides?

7. What percentage of human DNA codes for RNA?

8. What role did each of the following play in determining the structure of DNA?

a. Albrecht Kossel

b. Emil Fischer

c. Phoebus Levene

d. William Astbury

e. Alexander Todd

f. Erwin Chargaff

g. Erwin Schrodinger

h. Maurice Wilkins

i. Raymond Gosling

j. Rosalind Franklin

k. James Watson

l. Francis Crick

m. Jerry Donohue

n. Alec Stokes

o. Linus Pauling

9. Draw the following structures and number the atoms:

a. deoxyadenosine

b. deoxyadenosine 5' monophosphate

c. dAMP

d. adenylate (adenylic acid)

e. uridylate (uridylic acid)

f. CMP

g. guanosine

h. deoxyadenosine 5' monophosphate and deoxycytidine 5' monophosphate linked by a phosphoester bond as  in a single strand of DNA.

10. Show how A and T and C and G would be joined by hydrogen bonds.

11. What are the following values for DNA?

a. diameter

b. pitch

c. number of base pairs/turn

d. distance between bases within a single strand

12. Draw and label a graph representing the %GC content of DNA and the melting temperature.

13. On the same graph draw and label the DNA melting curves of DNAs of the following GC contents: 50%, 30%, 10%, 75%

14. Draw, label, explain and discuss a typical mammalian DNA renaturation curve.

15. How do polypeptides interact with DNA? How can polypeptides distinguish between CG pairs and GC pairs, for example?

16, Show/discuss/explain how the DNAs below would be sequenced using the following:

a. original Sanger gel technique

b. original Sanger technique as modified my LeRoy Hood

c. original Sanger technique modifies by capillary electrophoresis

d. 454 Life Sciences technique

e. Illumina

Subject Science
Due By (Pacific Time) 09/22/2014 09:00 am
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