Project #40457 - TOPIC: Cellular respiration – glycolysis and formation of acytlCoA

BIO 201 Modeling Project

“Teaching is the highest form of understanding.” - Aristotle

“No one learns as much about a subject as one who is forced to teach it.” - Peter F. Drucker

“In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.”  - Phil Collins

The best way to demonstrate that one knows something is to teach it. That is basically what is stated in the quotes above and is the purpose of this assignment. With this modeling project you get to teach a physiological concept. You will have the first four weeks of the semester to brainstorm and develop your own unique concept for modeling some part of physiology. This assignment is intended to be a creative process whereby you teach, and as indicated above demonstrates that you have learned something about physiology. Your goal is to model one of the following topics focusing on a physiological process. You may use any materials (think imaginatively) to create your model, but it is mandatory that you use a video sequence which must contain a voice over with the LEARNER’S (i.e., your) voice to illustrate the physiological process represented by your model. You CANNOT use PowerPoint or Prezi. Please keep in mind, your model must mention ALL of the terms provided for each of the model choices. To summarize here are the rules for this assignment in bullet points:

·                     You are the one teaching a physiological process

·                     You get to use your imagination

·                     You get to use whatever materials you like

·                     You have to do all the illustrative work yourself. You many not copy and paste images or any published work

·                     You have to do the project and it has to be uniquely yours

·                     Professors will assign topics randomly in class by whatever means he/she choses

·                     Professors require a video sequence WITH voice over.

·                     NO POWERPOINT OR PREZI!

·                     Professors prefer the presentation to last at least two minutes but not exceed 5 minutes

·                     You have to save the presentation toYOUTUBE and then submit the link to your presentation to the following location in LoudCloud:


Model Project à Submissions


If you do not submit your final video project’s link to the proper location in LoudCloud AND if it is not submitted on time, then you will not receive credit! LPlease make sure that the settings in YouTube will allow the instructor to actually view your assignment! (In other words, it is NOT set to private viewing only.)


Please note that there are guidelines for this modeling project installed into the Loud Cloud classroom. The guidelines here are an expansion of what is already provided to give you more detailed instructions. The topics have not changed nor has the intent of this assignment changed. The project is graded in accordance with the rubric provided in the Loud Cloud classroom.

An important component of this project is for you to actively seek out, quality information. This should not necessarily be limited to your textbook though. You are encouraged to use your textbook as a starting point, but you are required to access at least one source, in addition to your textbook, in order to complete this project. Feel free to use any of the following suggested places to begin your search for additional information: 

·         GCU Library

·         SparkNotes (which tends to be reliable, but cluttered with advertisements)

·         A website of your choosing (if you take this option may not use Wikipedia, wiki answers, yahoo answers, chacha, etc.)


It is a good idea to ask yourself, if this were a project that I was handing over to my boss for review, would he or she question my informational sources? First and foremost, use common sense. For example if your source is an informational pamphlet from a pharmaceutical company that is marketing the use of its drug, then it may be a rather biased perspective and not the best choice to use to support your project. 


In order to give you some additional direction, the ways to access the GCU library’s website are shown below. Use one of these to reach the Library Research & Resources page:

1.     Go directly to the GCU Library Research & Resources page by typing: into your Internet browser and clicking “Enter”.

2.     Under the “Access Library Resources” section on the right, select the “Library Research and Resources Page”.


The 18 possible topics for this project are listed below. Depending on your instructor, you may have a topic assigned to you, or you may be free to choose your own. Please wait for detailed, additional instructions from your professor.


TOPIC:  Cellular respiration – glycolysis and formation of acytlCoA

1.     Glucose

2.     ATP

3.     Glucose-6-phsophate

4.     Fructose-1,6-bisphosphate

5.     NAD

6.     NADH

7.     Glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate

8.     3-Phosphoglycerate

9.     H20

10.  Phosphoenolpyruvate

11.  Pyruvate

12.  Cytosol

13.  Substrate-level phosphorylation

14.  CoEnzyme A

15.  CO2

16.  Acetyl-CoA

17.  H+

Subject Science
Due By (Pacific Time) 10/25/2014 12:00 am
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