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Course Project Proposal   I WANT IT ABOUT HOWARD HUGHES 

Your Leadership Presentation is due Week 8. To formally begin the project, conduct some research on successful leaders in your field and decide on one person who could serve as a role model for you. This person should:

  • be widely recognized (so you can find sources of information on him or her)
  • demonstrate the traits of good leadership, personal accountability and responsibility
  • be someone you admire and would like to have as a mentor or role model


Then write a research proposal. A research proposal clarifies—for your instructor, your classmates, and for you—why you intend to research a specific topic, how you intend to research it, and what purpose your work will serve or outcome you hope to achieve. Though you may be required to do much more detailed proposals in later classes, this one can be completed in two paragraphs.

Paragraph 1:

  • Your selected leader’s name and career field
  • Your reasons for selecting this leader as your personal role model (this will become the central thesis of your whole project).
  • A list of questions about this person and other topics that you hope to answer through your research.


Paragraph 2:

  • A summary of the research and information you have already found.
  • An overview of your plan to complete your research and presentation.
  • A list of any problems you are having or expect to have along the way.


Your proposal should begin with a heading and opening lines similar to this: 

Joe Student
Professor Jones
Course Project Proposal

My Plan for Achieving Personal Success
in the Footsteps of my Role Model, Jane Leader

I admire Jane Leader, who is a successful leader in the field of widget design. As I complete my academic program, I intend to develop the success skills and abilities that will enable me to achieve my dreams on the cutting edge of widget design. Ms. Leader is the perfect role model for me because…

Subject General
Due By (Pacific Time) 09/18/2014 03:00 pm
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