Project #40209 - Assignment

Assignment 1: Literature Review


To be considered a full credit, you need to include at least:

  • A brief introduction about your topic; at least 300 words
  • A comparison table
  • A reference list in the APA style
  • A summary in the end; at least 300 words


The purpose of this assignment is to get you familiar with a variety of ways to access information for the literature review. This assignment requires extensive database and Internet searching. Here is the process:

1.     Select a topic. The topic can be any of Health Information Technology, Long Term Care, or Quality of Care. Write up a brief introduction about your topic (at least 300 words; include word count in the end).

2.     Find 1 article for each of the following three sources that meets the requirement:

    • Scientific research paper from a peer reviewed journal (e.g., HSR, JAMA, Health Affairs, The Gerontologist) – written by researchers, shows observations, hypothesis, methods, data and conclusion, has a long list of references, gives credentials of authors and shows who funded the research.
    • Magazine (e.g., Times, Business Weekly, Rolling Stones) – written by journalists, not peer reviewed and possibly not edited.
    • Web page – may or may not include references and usually not peer reviewed. The author is often unknown.

3.     Use a table to compare the three articles you selected using the following aspects:

    • Authors’ credentials (availability, degrees, affiliations to scientific institutions, etc.)
    • Formats of the three publications (abstract, length, writing styles, scientific terms, layman terms, emotional, etc.)
    • Contents of the three publications (data, methods, examples, pictures, tables and figures, references, etc.)
    • Peer reviewed (single blind, double blind, not blind, internal, external, etc.)
    • Overall impression (easy to read, convincing? truthful? the main point, etc.)

4.     List all three articles in references using APA style*

5.     Summarize your findings in at least 300 words including the differences, similarity, quality, etc. of the articles from the three sources. (include word counts in the end)

****Remember APA Style

Grading Examples:

An example of 80% (attached) Good comparison of three articles, but missing introduction to the topic.

An example of 60% (attached) Missing introduction to the topic and need more details in the comparison table. The citations did not follow APA.


Subject Science
Due By (Pacific Time) 09/20/2014 08:00 pm
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