Project #40192 - project management principles.


The objective of this assignment is to assess the feasibility of a project in the initiation phase of the project 

lifecycle against strategic objectives of an organization, project drivers and other criteria of success outlined 

by an organization or described in the project brief. Students are required to prepare a feasibility report with 

recommendations of potential actions that will enable the project board to determine if the project should or 

should not proceed, or the best options/alternatives to choose. You are free to choose a project of your

interest. Ideally, the chosen project should be the one that is only a concept and has not obtained formal 

approval and is recognized and/or available within the public domain. Alternately, you may conduct a review 

of a feasibility study for a project which has been completed within the last 10 years and is recognized and/or 

available within the public domain. Students, in their report, must identify and record the criteria that the 

project board will utilise to determine the project’s feasibility. 

In assessing the feasibility, students should consider, but not limited to, the following aspects:

• Brief background of the project

• The anticipated outcomes and benefits of the project

• Strategic goal/objectives of an organization

• Project drivers

• Project assumptions, issues and constraints and their validity

• Different options, alternatives or solutions considered or available (type, methods, project features, 

delivery approach, etc.) and their comparison

• Broad risks present or associated in the project environment or in the project’s implementation

• The project brief that may include the important project elements such as the consideration of project 

cost, schedule, project milestones, quality requirements and management, stakeholders, resources 

required to carry out the project

The report analyses the project using project management (PM) principles, processes and practices and

appropriate/relevant knowledge areas that are discussed within the course materials and best practices

using different sources (e.g., books, journal articles, websites, news articles, reports, interviews, and 

empirical data). It needs to provide a critical analysis using the appropriate PM terminology, concepts and 

principles discussed in the unit. Please note that this assessment is not for determining the technical 

feasibility of a project.


Formatting Requirements and Other Details

The report format must comply with the following:

• Report written in Microsoft Word 2010 or earlier version. Any other formats, including pdf, are not 


• Length: 3,000-3,500 words (excluding table of contents, appendices, tables, figures, and


o Report content exceeding the maximum word count will not count towards the assignment.

o Appendices should only include additional information that is supportive of critical 

information discussed in the body of the report. 

o The use of tables should be limited to comparison and summation of data.

• Font formatting:

o Heading – Arial 14

o Subheadings – Arial 12

o Text – Times New Roman 12

o Line spacing – 1.5 times

o Margins – All 2.54 cm

• Citation and referencing in accordance with QUT APA style (Please refer to QUT Library CiteWrite)

• File Saved as – (Surname – First name – Student Number – Assignment 2) and submitted online

(electronically) on the Unit (BEN610) Blackboard site using SafeAssign link provided. No other 

submissions, including the assignment minder, will be accepted.

• Submitted by the due date or within any timeframe provided by a formal approval for an extension. 

Assignment Feedback

Feedback will be given approximately two weeks after the submission of your assignment. Please be aware

that if you formally receive time extension for the submission of this assignment then the feedback will take 

approximately two weeks from your submission date. 

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Due By (Pacific Time) 09/25/2014 12:00 am
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