Project #39696 - Chemistry Problems and Show Work

1. The density of lead is 11.3g/mL. I have a sample of lead that has a mass of 2340g. What is its volume?

2. Deep in our solar system is the planet Snardfarwickel. The currency there is based on the Splark. On the interplanetary exchange 2,872.9 cents = 1 Splark.On Snardfarwickel, 1 Splark = 52 pichcans, and 2 pichcans = 15 snorks. A typical student on Snardfarwickel can by the answers to any exam for $25.00. How many snorks is this?

3. The density of osmium (the densest metal) is 22.57 g/cm3. If a 2.889 kg rectangular block of osmium has two dimensions of 4.00 in, calculate the third dimension of the block.

4.You have a graduated cylinder containing 50.0 mL of water. You drop a 35.7 g piece of pure nickel (density = 8.91 g/mL) into the water. To what mark will the water rise in the graduated cylinder?

5. Give the number of significant figures in each

a. 0.054 inches_____________________________

b. 0.00033g________________________________

c. 0.0050080 miles____________________________________

d. 332 pennies_________________________________________

e. 0.670L_____________________________________________

f. 3.00040kg______________________________________________

h. 220km___________________________________________________

6. A plastic block has dimensions of 2.2 cm x 3.0 cm x 1.5 cm and a mass of 12.4 grams. Will the block float in water and why?

7. Carry out the following operations as if they were calculations of experimental results, and express each answer in the correct units and with the correct number of significant figures.

a. 5.6792 m + 0.6 m  + 4.33 m =________________________________


b. 934 x 0.00435 =______________________________________________


c. 4.51cm - 3.6666 cm =__________________________________________


d. 7.310x106 km  / 5.70x10-2 km =____________________________________


e. (3.23 x 37.2) + 0.746 =____________________________________________

8. Transform the following number into scientific notation or out of scientific notation


2.5.432 x 10-6_____________________________________



4.8.70 x 103______________________________________

5.2.5 x 101_________________________________________

9. Round the following numbers to the indicated number of significant figures.

a. 0.00034159( to 3 sf)______________________________

b.1.0351 x102 (to 2 sf)__________________________________

c. 17.9915 (to 3 sf)____________________________________

d. 23155.4 (to 3 sf)_________________________________

e. 3.365x105 (to 3 sf)_________________________________

10. Vodka will not freeze because it contains a high percentage of ethanol. The freezing point of ethanol is -114 Celsius. What is the freezing point of ethanol in Kelvins?


Subject Science
Due By (Pacific Time) 09/11/2014 10:00 am
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